May 16, 2022 1:45 am

Coronavirus: Galicia lowers active cases while healthcare pressure continues to ease




Despite the fact that the volume of new Covid infections does not decrease, and is installed above 6,600 (6,699 in the last Sergas balance), active cases decrease again in Galicia and good news continues to arrive from hospitals, in the form of less healthcare pressure.

For weeks, this is the indicator to take into account. And Galicia can raise figures that place it as the community with lower pressure in ICU and ward. On this occasion, with data collected until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, both indicators are moving downwards. In Intensive Care, after a slight rebound the day before, critics are once again below fifty: 49, four fewer.

In a conventional bed, after a notable fall the day before, this time they are five minus the less severe patients, to add 502. Thus, in total, 551 people remain hospitalized for Covid in Galicia, further and further from the barrier of 600 that was recently overcome.

The active cases drop from 78,692 to 78,029, a cut of just over 600. It is still a very bulky figure, waiting for the Community to definitively exceed the Omicron peak and begin to decline noticeably, which will open the door for them to relax partially or totally the restrictions in force. In any case, at the moment the affectation is more labor, due to the seven-day sick leave of Covid, than care.

For health areas, followed by Vigo, with 20,860, followed by A Coruña, with 16,197. Next, the management of Santiago, with 11,850, Pontevedra, with 9,258, the 8,020 of Lugo, 7,972 in Orense and 3,872 in Ferrol.

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