May 23, 2022 7:53 am

Ancelotti and the losses in the Cup: «The calendar is crazy, it is nonsense, it has to be fixed»



Victory in the Super Cup, comeback with ten men in the Copa del Rey. Ancelotti is having good times at Real Madrid and has already won a title, hoping to also win the League, of which he is the leader. The coach, however, also pursues the Cup, although the five South American players are missing, and he has the Champions League as a great Madrid goal. He does not trust or trust: “Putting grades today is useless, team grades are put at the end of the season.”

The Elche and its lock, is the expected problem. The coach has forms and rehearses them to break down walls. The club and the team want to give a victory at the Bernabéu to Gento

, who will live a tribute in their stadium: «The strategy against Eche is going to be the same, it is a team that we know, we face each other on Thursday and We had a hard time winning it. It has a good dynamic, a good organization. You have to suffer, you have to be motivated because these are three important points and I think the team is doing pretty well. We have casualties such as those of Asensio, Vallejo and Mariano, with muscle injuries, and Carvajal, which is still positive.

The Italian stated that he cannot compare the cases of Bale with those of Hazard and Isco: “Bale was injured and has recovered, Gareth is getting back into good physical condition, he is improving, starting to train every day with the team”

Fixed reserves, Hazard, Isco and Ceballos have performed when they have had to. Now, only Bale remains to join the cause. It has been questioned Carlo Ancelotti if the operation of Hazard, Isco and Ceballos have exposed the Welshman. “The situations are different, Bale was injured and has recovered and will be with us. Gareth is getting back into good physical condition, he’s improving, starting to train every day with the team.”

ABC asked him about this adulterated Copa del Rey, with five casualties forced by the selection period that does not stop the dispute of the match against Athletic. Imagine that in the Champions League he was forced to play with five casualties: «The calendar is crazy, it is nonsense and it must be fixed. It not only affects Real Madrid, but the players and other clubs. We are not going to put pressure on the Brazilian Federation, the coach will take them out or not.

analyzed the crisis of Barcelona and Atlético, irregular: «It is surprising that Atlético and Barcelona have more difficulties than normal, but they are two great teams and they will know how to get out of the situation».

He valued Casemiro’s power: «There is no other player like Casemiro in world football, he is unique, we are wrong if we look for a substitute. I never had a pivot like Casemiro, I had Pirlo, who had other characteristics. Here I have Camavinga, who does not have the same characteristics, but has a good ball output, although he does not have the tactical condition and qualities of Casemiro».

He valued the reinforcement of Ceballos: «He is a player who is not afraid, who has character, and I am counting on him in this second part of the season.” And he assured: «Hazard counts for next season.” And of his possible ownership tomorrow: “Yes, it’s a good day, I hope it’s a good day.”

pondered about Marcelo and his sanction: «It is true that three games for what Marcelo did seem like a lot to me. It’s not what he said to the referee and I don’t want to know.”

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