May 17, 2022 2:12 pm

Amid the tensions for 2023, Mauricio Macri met with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in Villa La Angostura

The ex-president Mauricio Macri and the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, met in Villa La Angostura, in the province of Neuquén, where both rest with their families, as confirmed THE NATION. The meeting between the priests of Pro took place in the midst of internal tensions in Together for Change, the main opposition coalition to Kirchnerism, for the 2023 presidential candidacy.

Macri and Larreta coincided during the last days in the country Cumelén, where the former president usually vacations with his wife Juliana Awada. Both Pro referents were alone after the Buenos Aires boss said that JxC will define their candidates in the PASO in 2023 and relativized the tensions in the force. “Macri never expressed his vocation to want to compete for the presidency in 2023”, assured Larreta last Sunday in an interview with THE NATION, in which he anticipated his presidential plan.

The mayor’s expressions generated discomfort in a sector of the macrismo. It is leaders close to Macri perceive that Larreta tried to run the founder of Pro from the scene and lower him from the race for the Casa Rosada.

Little and nothing transpired from the summit in the Cumelén country. “All perfect”, Buenos Aires sources summarized. Close to Macri they relativized the importance of the meeting. They maintain that the former president and the mayor speak very frequently and that it was natural for them to see each other in the South. “It is one more meeting than they usually have,” they point out in Macri’s environment.

Mauricio Macri and Representatives of the Forum of Provincial Deputies of the PRO met this Thursday in Villa La AngosturaTwitter

Last Thursday, Macri received in the country Cumelén the members of the Pro Legislators Forum from all over the country. There, the former president stated that his relationship with Larreta was “very good” and that he will prioritize maintaining the JxC unity. That group of deputies met minutes later with the mayor, who came by to say hello and rehearsed a “pragmatic” speech on the current situation of the opposition coalition.

In private, Macri does not hide his criticism of Larreta. He is not only dissatisfied with the result of the electoral castling devised by the mayor -he transmitted that JxC could have won by a greater difference-. He also rejects Larreta’s commitment to moderation and anti-fraud speech, the tactic of the Buenos Aires chief to expand the space.

In turn, he objects to the idea promoted by Larreta that to be successful in the Casa Rosada a support base of 70% is required. The former president tries to take care of the hard core of his voters to avoid leaks to the libertarians. For this reason, try to incorporate Javier Milei or José Luis Espert. He does not want a light speech nor is he stimulated by the “anti-crack” message, but rather that his ideas be defended. He clings to the 41% of votes he took home after the 2019 defeat.

In larretismo they trust in the skill of the Buenos Aires chief to manage conflicts. They know that locals and foreigners will seek to relegate Larreta from the pole position and relativize the friction with Macri: they believe that the engineer will use the poll numbers to decide who will be the candidate. His sidekicks – some begin to reproach him for his radio style – boast that he was the only CEO of Pro who stood up to the owner of the party: “Horacio has the asset of management and the sacred fire of wanting to be,” he points out in his small table.

After JxC’s victory in the legislative elections, Macri is hyperactive in the political arena. Although he is placed above the internal ones, the former president no longer looks withdrawn and shows signs that he does not rule out a return. Reinvigorated by the verdict at the polls, the founder of Pro keeps in permanent contact with his partners in the opposition coalition and intensifies his ties with elected legislators in the interior.

Some partners or heirs place him in the role of “mentor”, others imagine him in the role of referee. And there are those who consider that the siege of Justice in the case of alleged espionage to the relatives of the crew members of the ARA San Juan allowed him to recover part of the centrality and that he does not drop out of the race by 2023. The engineer does not give concrete signs , but warns that he is a free man and that the moment will define him. Macri is obsessed, above all, by the bid with Peronism for governorships. For this reason, he set his sights on Córdoba and Santa Fe, where he considers that JxC must generate applicants to fight against Juan Schiaretti and Omar Perotti, respectively, despite the triumphs of Carolina Losada Y Louis Judge in those districts. It also observes the suburbs, the electoral stronghold of Cristina Kirchner.

Before last year’s PASO, Macri made it clear that he disagreed with castling between Maria Eugenia Vidal and Diego Santilli, a plan engulfed by Larreta, and with advancing the fight for the opposition leadership and the 2023 candidacies. But he chose to put himself above the fierce internal Pro for the assembly of the lists after a talk alone with the mayor. The former president is convinced that his shift and his trip to Europe were key to aligning the troops and preserving the unity of space.

With the running of the legislative campaign, Macri felt vindicated, not only by the hardening of the Vidal-Larreta tandem’s discourse and the debt debate, but also by the requests of his political heirs to accompany them in proselytizing activities. or with messages of support on the networks.

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