May 14, 2022 12:48 pm

Alert for a fraud circulating on Whatssap related to the Cuidar App

The government warned of a new fraud that circulates through Whatssap, related to the “Care” app and from the Secretariat of Public Innovation gave notice of the situation and issued a statement in which they warned about the scam used to steal personal information from users.

“We have detected that it is circulating a digital fraud campaign through WhatsApp accounts where they pretend to be the Cuidar application to steal personal information the Secretary of Public Innovation pointed out on Twitter.

And in that sense they clarified: “From Public Innovation we want to warn citizens that we do not use WhatsApp accounts to request personal information about Covid-19 or any other issue related to health.”

In this way, in the event of a possible case of fraud, the secretariat urged the population to report the scam by entering the website of the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT, for its acronym in English).

The government specified that this type of scam is known as “phishing”, an expression “used to define a type of fraud”, which aims to trick the user into revealing some type of information, largely financial or personal.

According to the Government, the objective of this type of fraud is to supplant the user’s digital identity and obtain some benefit. “This is the most common and simplest cyberattack, and the person who perpetrates it is usually called a ‘phisher’”, highlighted the Ministry of Public Innovation.

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