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Adrián Suar referred to the sexual assault suffered by his son Tomás, at age 7: “It was very shocking when we found out”

October 9th, Thomas Kirzner he lent himself, like the rest of the guests of PS: Can we talk?, to the game of confessions. However, beyond sharing some funny anecdote, the actor ended up surprising the guests and viewers with an unexpected revelation: She had been a victim of sexual abuse during her childhood. Both his mother, Araceli Gonzalez, like his sister, Florence TorrentThey came out at the time to offer their support. This week, who referred to the subject was his father, Adrián Suar.

“There is a seven-year-old Toto to whom in a certain situation he would have said: ‘You don’t need to see your friend today, you can see him another day’. I would insist that you can see him tomorrow or wait a few more days. On two occasions they abused me. I don’t know how it is said or how it is advertised. My family knows it, of course, ”the 23-year-old began, in the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff.

“I am a very anxious person, I want everything now and now. That day, when I was seven years old, I wanted to go to the house of my friend who lived in the north like my family and I. There was a person working in the neighborhood whom I hadn’t seen that much. I was determined to get to my friend’s house when I ran into him, who had my eye on him for having crossed it on a couple of occasions. He was with a rake on the side of the street and he started talking to me. I don’t know why, but at one point I felt that everything started to go dark and I wanted to leave. I began to move away, he begins to notice it and finally it happens, ”he told with an open heart. “I’m not going to go into details because it’s horrifying,” he clarified.

This man was someone who worked in the neighborhood. “They knew him in the places I frequented. I remember I ran away crying, I didn’t know who to tell. I didn’t see him again for a while but then he came back. The place where I lived ended up being a nightmare,” he confessed. He added: “It happened a second time and then never again. I remember when a couple of years ago I told my family and my closest childhood friends. My old people there joined together to say: ‘What do we do with this situation?’” he explained about the moment he decided to tell his parents the truth.

Although in the following days Araceli, her partner, Fabián Mazzei, and her daughter Florencia Torrente turned to the networks to offer their support to Kirzner, this week it was Suar who celebrated her son’s bravery. “It was an abuse of grabbing, of touching him, it did not become a deeper abuse as some boys or girls have suffered, but it was hard for a seven-year-old boy in a well-known country in Argentina, inside there a gardener who worked there, that was in other houses”, he began detailing, in the program In dialogue with Longobardi.

And continued: “It was very shocking when we found out. When he told it on the program, we, Araceli and I, already knew it two years before. For almost 15 years or 14 years he didn’t say anything. And it was very strong for him, how he experienced it, like so many boys who had that problem. One may think ‘Why didn’t he speak?’ But they don’t speak. It is a scourge of this type of sick people, because it is a disease that passes and continues to pass. That’s why you have to be very careful”.

“We know who he is and we were going to initiate legal action, but later we spoke with my son, and as he told, he decided not to do it. He has a lot of wisdom. He is a very special kid, for his luminosity, for his spontaneity and for his way of living it. But equally, as a father, I have been attentive in recent years to those things that are not free. Sometimes things happen within the family and you say: ‘I can’t believe that happened to you’ and you didn’t find out, but it happened a few meters away. Sometimes there are things in the adult world with the little ones that I can’t believe have happened and continue to happen,” Suar added.

Days ago, interviewed by a cell phone from intruders, Suar had told what he felt when he saw his son tell his story on television. “Look, how is Toto. With the courage that he told what he told, and how he is. He is very laid back. A very honest kid, just as they saw him, that’s how it is in life “, he highlighted. Then he said that he was proud of his son and highlighted the new generation of young people: “Toto is a kid like that, as are most of these kids’ generation. They are so very authentic. It’s a very beautiful generation.”

In this way, the actor and producer added his testimony to that of his ex-partner. Hours after the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff was broadcast, Toto’s mother dedicated a long message to him on her Instagram account in which she praised her courage for having been able to tell her experience. “The courage to denounce from what has been worked has an achievement value. Always modify with the truth and denounce from what has been built. Here’s a mom, here’s love, here’s a nest, here’s a family,” the actress remarked. And, in addition, she provided details of when both she and Suar found out about the fact: “I can’t sleep. It all came to light, a year ago! The confinement caused different states that led us to be more honest, genuine in our actions and feelings. If there is something I have learned in these years, it is to accompany and build. It is what saves us, fundamentally, love. Nothing like love in the face of different adversities and experiences. We all walk with marks of life, but the most important thing is to work on each one of them to live with that pain and transform it,” he explained.

And he added: “We built ourselves even with those brands. We keep walking, healing and loving with passion without losing our air and space… Having mercy for each other and respect. Being a victim of verbal or physical abuse must be carefully approached. I repeat for the mental health of every human being. There are many ways to be a victim. It doesn’t matter the sex or the age. What do we do with this? We judge, we raise our finger, we give our opinion and we forget about the painful transit and the path made, worked from the root of each state of anguish. The pain is non-transferable”.

“My brave and sensitive spoke. I ask for respect. I ask for care in his words as I would ask for any human being who is open to the truth and has the strength to make it public. The moment he felt himself speak it, it was genuine. Your life is built day by day. It is your choice to build it. Being of light that knows how to savor different states to transform them into fullness and wisdom. Being of strength that changes pain for construction. We must know how to walk with our brands,” he said.

And he concluded: Nothing is easy! For no one, but being whole and worthy is a choice. It makes him a noble, unique and strong man. Thank you for the messages received. We board and nest. Our commitment is the family and the society that surrounds us. I respect”.

Flor Torrente, for her part, dedicated a few words to her brother on the same social network: “You were always a special child, from the moment I met you. You went down in that elevator with that little blue cloth hat and eyes that said many things from the immensity of silence. I was 10 years old, and I remember that look penetrated me. I always knew you would teach me many things, but I swear you taught me many more than I thought. And then he added: “I love you with all my being, I could not say how much, but with every bit of my bodies. We are a big family, with our defects and virtues, with our emotions and stories. I love them and feel very grateful for the family we chose.”

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