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A comedy that analyzes couple relationships and the borders between love and heartbreak

The masks in love, honesty with the other and oneself, the questions and proposals that arise in intimacy in a couple are some of the issues that it addresses A balcony with a view, What is the name of this comedy written by Laura Molpeceres that, after six successful seasons in Spain and more than 100 performances, will premiere on Corrientes Street on Sunday the 23rd.

with address of Maria Rosa Frega and a cast that includes Georgina Mollo, Solange Verina, Gastón Ares and Nicolás Zuviría, the piece analyzes couple relationships and the borders between love and heartbreak “where the truth is hidden at all times and yet always remains visible”.

A balcony with a view It is a very intelligent and delusional comedy that makes us wonder if we are really honest with our feelings and those of our partners. Through the meeting of two very particular couples, a series of entanglements, deceptions and lies are generated that will make its protagonists rethink if they are in the place they want to be.”, points out the director María Rosa Frega.

The actor Gastón Ares and the director María Rosa Frega, about to premiere at the CPM MultiescenaDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

Precisely, in this constant struggle to understand the other and find the best version of themselves through entanglements and half-truths, Diego appears, as the character of Gaston Ares (For loving You so, Fanny is a fan, Widows and sons of Rock and Roll), which will play a key role in the development of the plot.

“Diego is a very particular character, mainly because the author has chosen him so that through him a series of thoughts are released, high-impact ideas that will put both the other protagonists and himself in check. He is a really amazing character with very powerful speeches, and from the first moment he generated an introspection that led me to think about relationships, about the meaning of love or the perfect partner. We always have something to heal, something to celebrate or something to toast about love”, reflects the actor, who currently is part of the cast of intertwined, one of the first Disney+ productions made in Argentina, and the cast of the first of us, the new Telefe strip.

Ares and Frega will premiere A balcony with views, a successful Spanish comedy
Ares and Frega will premiere A balcony with views, a successful Spanish comedyDIEGO SPIVACOW / AFV

With more than 50,000 spectators in Spain, one wonders if a success of these characteristics can simply be transferred to the Buenos Aires billboard, a question that will only be answered as the performances go by, but which counts as a figurehead with a text that is proven effective.

“You don’t know when a play is going to be a hit, it’s the audience that makes these hits, but I do think there is a key factor, and that is that the play is excellently written. Beyond the wonderful actors he had in Spain, I think he also liked it so much because it deals with a very fresh and very current theme. Although the approach seems simple, it is a comedy that deals with the subject of love and heartbreak in great depth, as well as the masks that we sometimes put on to be with another person, not being ourselves. A fairly universal theme that crosses us all in any part of the world”, concludes Frega.

In the same sense, Ares maintains that one of the aspects that most seduced him in this comedy was its “perfectly written” text. “It is a work in which not only what happens happens, but something else is constantly happening underneath. And that seems amazing to me. The Argentine public is not at all exempt from these questions of love, especially in these pandemic times, and the work is going to put it in check and mobilize it strongly, ”he concludes.

A balcony with views. Sundays, at 8:30 p.m., at the CPM Multiscene Theater (Av. Corrientes 1764). General admission: 1,200 pesos at Plateanet, Atrápalo and the Theater Ticket Office.

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