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With his own recipe and outsider profile, Facundo Manes resumes his 2023 plan

Facundo Manes return to the ring. In the midst of the turbulence generated by the factional struggles in Together for Change, the radical doctor will resume activity with a raid through Mar del Plata, a showcase during the summers for politicians with aspirations. Attentive to the growing social unrest with the leadership, the national deputy wants to keep your profile from outsider to begin to stealthily weave his presidential plan.

While Larretismo sows distrust about its ambitions (they slip to have noticed it “turned off” after the elections) and Emilio Monzo, one of his internal allies against Diego Santilli, isolates himself from Manes’s “collective project”, the neuroscientist trusts his recipe: close contacts in the streets and a plain speech, without political overtones. Disbelieving in the value of the thread and the weight of party structures or leadership agreements, the neurologist will tour the country during 2022 to “explain” his ideas.

before a Gerardo Morales, head of the UCR, who is hyperactive to have more centrality in PvC, Manes bets all his chips on a construction that generates a change “from the bottom up”. For the radical doctor, society needs to be “inspired” rather than managed. As he did with neuroscience, Manes wants to evangelize with his political message.

Alerted by the symptoms of the economy, Manes is convinced that Argentina will require a great agreement to navigate the deep crisis. Since he got involved in politics, a move leveraged by the UCR bosses to dispute the leadership of JxC to Pro, the neuroscientist maintains his diagnosis: the country needs a “new social pact”, as happened in 1983 with the return of the democracy and the electoral triumph of Raúl Alfonsín. “I have no doubt that Argentines will choose a leadership that will inspire them in 2023”, points Manes to THE NATION, at a stop on his trip from Pinamar to Mar del Plata, where tomorrow he will present the book be human, which he wrote together with Mateo Niro. Today it will be shown with port workers, hoteliers, nurses and young people.

Near Manes they venture an unusual scenario for the contest for the presidency. Critics of the course of the Kirchner administration (a government of “endurance”) maintain that the next president must gather a broad consensus. “It is not enough to appeal to the crack that impoverishes and brutalizes us. The future of the country lies in whoever has the ability to inspire all Argentines with a true collective project”, emphasizes Manes.

Facundo Manes and Diego Santilli in the Together for Change bunkerSantiago Hafford – THE NATION

After resting with his family in the United States, the doctor intuits that there is a marked boredom in all social classes with “soap operas” or interns between leaders and that citizens demand “solutions and ideas” from their rulers. For this reason, he wants Together for Change to show greater initiative and discuss a programmatic agreement: “The opposition must become a proposition. It is the only way to get Argentina out of decadence and direct it towards modernity”, repeats the doctor. Parallel to his work as a national legislator, Manes will tour the country this year. His plan is to spend two or three days in each province, one way to differentiate of the referents who make lightning visits. On that tour, he will examine whether or not he has the chance to fight for the presidency in 2023. “They say it’s off, but Facundo is involved. It’s going to go deep.” comments one of Manes’ associates in radicalism.

Close associates of the doctor say that it does not bother him that Morales tries to position himself in the presidential race. Moreover, Manes intends that “the new UCR” compete in all categories in 2023. “You don’t have to be afraid of dissent, respectful and argued,” says the neurologist. Some radicals even speak of an implicit pact between Manes and Morales to avoid tensions. “Both are going to run and the one who is better will go”, they say. Although he knows that the UCR is his main support, the doctor wants a broader base of support: “You don’t have to speak only to the radicals,” they comment.

In the environment of the deputy they relativize Monzó’s flirtation with Larreta’s presidential project. They value him as a leader, but they understand that citizens are not concerned about “the thread” or the armed politicians. “An agreement between five leaders at a table is useless if they do not represent what society wants”, evangelizes Manes before his people. For this reason, the doctor will be cautious and avoid talking about candidacies or interfering in the internal ones of JxC. “If society does not demand this radical change, no leader alone is going to be able to do it,” warns the neurologist. He feels “emotionally synchronized” to “put the body”, not to run. “I’m going forward” he told one of the UCR bosses after his return to the ring.

Facundo Manes
Facundo ManesSantiago Filipuzzi – THE NATION

Their technical teams are not only alarmed by the stagnation of the Government’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the debt -they suspect that Martin Guzman asks to postpone the adjustment until 2023-, but also because of the growth of inflation and the deterioration in education. Even Manes was concerned about the statistics of graduates in the universities of the suburbs in relation to the number of students who enter the study houses.

While Monzó warns him that he must give “political volume” to his army if he wants to have a chance of reaching the presidency, Manes trusts his instinct. “Argentina needs to stop the monologue with the situation and begin to dialogue with a long-term strategy. The antinomy in the opposition distracts from what is important”, he says.

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