May 18, 2022 10:26 am

Whoops, unicorn!

Among all the advisors that Pedro Sánchez has, I suppose there will be a numerologist, a goat, two astrologers, a gnome, a sibyl and a full-time blacksmith making horseshoes all day. When number seven of any telephone in Moncloa is pressed, I imagine the caretaker of the goat waking it up at full speed to take it to the altar -instead of a desk- that the sibyl has in his office so that the ancient gods can speak to him. And all because Pedro Sánchez has called asking, urgently, what tie he should wear today. The goat is the only one that has been working for a long time in Moncloa. I imagine the animal up the hall, down the hall because in the Ministry of Consumption they need to know if… See More

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