May 24, 2022 12:28 am

“When you talk like that, think”: the tense cross between two ESPN columnists

What promised to be the novel of the summer ended in nothing. Facundo Farias, the 19-year-old jewel of Colon, finally decided to stay on his team. Although the transfer market did not end, everything seems to indicate that the midfielder who flirted with River and Boca will continue in Santa Fe under the command of Julius Caesar Falcioni. For this reason, from the xeneize leadership they have already decided not to insist more on incorporating the youth and they leaned towards Angel Romero, who did not give him an answer yet, waiting for better economic offers. In this framework, journalists from F12 (ESPN) discussed this Friday about the convenience of prioritizing good times over sports. There, a strong discussion arose among the journalists Leo Gabes Y Augustus Caesar, who expressed their very different points of view on the subject.

“I’m gonna put an example. Look what happened to Farías, the boy from Colón. At some point it was River, at another Boca; the representative said: ‘It has something of Spain’. Where is Farías today?” Cesar asked his companions ironically. Instantly, Gabes stepped out at the intersection. “(It is) in Colón, the place to play the Copa Libertadores”, the radio and television narrator pointed out viciously. Meanwhile, the chronicler who covers xeneize news replied that in the blue and gold club he would also have been able to play the most important international tournament on the continent.

Likewise, without euphemisms, Gabes made a sharp request to his program partner about the “Farias Case”: “Augusto, when you talk like that, think. Because the kid is 19 years old, he is a jewel, and the truth is that he has conditions. You are assuming that he will not play in Boca or River, and I assure you that if he performs, he will play in the team he wants”.

Then, he continued with a harsh speech against his colleague, whom he included among the chroniclers who, from his point of view, puts himself in a role that does not correspond to him, and rehearsed a defense about the sabalera board of directors: “You think you are the leaders of the clubs. Like you, a lot. They think they do the negotiations. Colón wants money because the kid is worth a fortune. Then, if you want the kid, you have to pay”.

Colón happy: Facundo Farías stays in the club that saw him born

In his turn, Cesar admitted that Farías is free to make the decisions he wants, but he ironically referred to the old sayings of his manager, who at the time suggested that “Facu” also had offers from European clubs. “It’s great, the player can choose what he wants. I know he is young, and he plays very well. Surely, as his representative said, Betis or Sevilla are going to buy it now, next week, because that was the reason why he did not come to Boca, “he said sarcastically.

Finally, Augusto doubted that no footballer can decide the team in which to play, as his partner previously stated, and concluded his speech with forceful information about Boca’s intentions towards the player: “I doubt that someone will play wherever. They will call him if they feel like it, and today Farías stayed in Colón. Here, they no longer look for it”.

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