May 27, 2022 12:48 pm

Transport will do “everything possible” so that Avril trains arrive in Galicia in summer




If Talgo complies, the Avril trains will be running in Galicia this summer. It is one of the main demands of the Xunta for high speed to be high speed for all purposes. For now, it is conditioned by multiple factors, the first being that it only reaches Orense. But it is also vital to have these trains to shorten deadlines. «We have a commitment from Talgo that this event can take place during the summer (…). We will try to do everything possible, with the encouragement of both administrations, so that these trains can be there during the summer”, said the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, during her appearance together with Alberto Núñez Feijóo at the Cidade da Cultura de Santiago. A press conference that has been delayed two hours over the scheduled time, after a meeting full of topics.

At first, Sánchez limited himself to confirming that Avril will shorten the deadlines “this year” by 20 minutes, but Feijóo subsequently indicated that “progress” had been made in specifying that “if Talgo complies, they could be circulating in the summer ». «We have told him that, for the Galician AVE to be with all the letters, we need the Avril trains (…). For us, June is a fantastic month, because millions of people begin to arrive, with the Holy Year, more, “added Feijóo, given the fork, until September, which allows simply to speak of summer.

The minister, when expressly asked, has ratified what Feijóo said, stressing that “we are all looking forward to them arriving as soon as possible”, but hiding behind the fact that the homologation tests “require their times” and the need to respect them, so as not to go much further. “You have to be cautious,” he insisted.

For the rest, it has not been a meeting of great announcements. The minister has advanced that next month the railway connection to Punta Langosteira, in A Coruña, will be put out to tender; and that next year the Melide-Palas de Rei section of the A-54 will be put into service. Feijóo has added to this that he had told him that the Orense intermodal station is expected to be put out to tender this semester, “good news”, the president has valued.

On the other hand, regarding the file opened in Europe for the extension of the concession of the AP-9, the minister has confirmed that “the summons letter has been answered” and that “we will have to wait to see how it ends this file”, but without going into detail, because it is “reserved information”.

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