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This is Bruce Willis’ awesome look now. hold on



We have caught the superstar, or rather ex-star, of Hollywood Bruce Willis enjoying a few days break having an ice cream with his friends, but You won’t believe what it looks like. And we say this because it’s amazing how, almost without realizing it, Bruce Willis has become a former star. After several decades starring in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, the actor has entered a frankly worrying spiral. Something that is also reflected in his appearance, which far from being worrying, is rather the years of career that he carries behind him.

Although, everything must be said. Willis has aged without retouching or surgery change his face.

He stays active and proudly shows off his gray hair. Do not miss the pictures!

Bruce Willis with the ice cream tub – Lagencia-Crush

Yes, the one in the picture is Bruce Willis. In the photo we can see an adorable Bruce, sitting on a bench in the middle of the two friends who accompany him and enjoying a tub of ice cream. It is obvious that the superstar has aged a lot.

The actor, born in Germany, fulfilled the March 19 of last year 66 years old. Now, on the way to 67 years, the protagonist of Jungle of Glass has surprised with this change. It is clear that the effects of the passage of time do not forgive anyone and they do not do it with Demi Moore’s ex-husband either.

The before and after of Bruce Willis
The before and after of Bruce Willis – Lagencia-Crush

The actor wears a matching navy blue long-sleeved shirt with a lovely beret, which makes him look even older. In addition, he is wearing camel-colored jeans and comfortable sneakers.

We can not deny that the beret is super adorable
We can’t deny that the beret is super adorable – Lagencia-Crush

In the images we can see how after that little stop to have an ice cream, he is about to leave with his friends from the local. Here you can see much better weight loss of what was the ‘sex symbol‘ from the 90’s.

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