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The TV thermometer: reassure Hernán Drago and Ernestina Pais! and what happened to Brenda Anicar on NETT

Week of changes and accidents for the protagonists of TV. In Welcome aboard not only the games are recycled, but also the reactions. Hernan Drago once again he burned himself trying the food of a participant, reacted as usual and everything ended more or less the same. The difference was made Laura Fernandez that, instead of Guido the Duck, demonstrates once again that driving is no longer part of its promising future, but of a forceful present.

In MasterChef Celebrity They change their aprons as well as their t-shirts. This week they entered as replacements Barbie Velez Y Ernestina Pais, the second with such bad luck that it ended with a severed finger, splattering blood around the studio.

In It’s not too late, the visit of Brenda Asnicar gave rise to the recycling of a series of comments, closer to Internet memes than to a late show. The second half of January came with more pain than glory.

Hernán Drago hurried to eat a lasagna and did not have a good time

The eclectic proposal of Welcome aboard it has everything: people who swear to look like someone they don’t look like, singers with little self-criticism and amateur cooks who spend hours with the oven on in the hope that a good taste in the mouth of someone on the show will leave them with a prize, anything goes to refresh the lazy summer season. And in the middle Hernan Drago, that functional to the show at any rate. With Laurita Fernández taking care of (and improving) the place of Guido Kazcka, on Tuesday an XL lasagna took over the tasting allowance. The model lunged at the plate and he took his time until he got everything to his exacerbated taste, but he lacked only one thing: to blow the mouthful before entering him with soul and life. Conclusion? Laughter from the driver and the announcer, while the model asked for help with his eyes. “You will not be able to chaperone”, Laurita closed the topic while shielding her partner’s mouth. Not even a glass of water was brought to him from the production, that is evil or they are charging him an invoice.

Ernestina País... calm down!
Ernestina País… calm down!

Difficult to explain what happens in MasterChef Celebrity which is not followed by the third season of the reality show. Between pandemic, pregnancies and various boredoms, aprons change chefs at such a speed that the locker room does not have enough time to embroider their names. After the stellar appearance of Malena Guinzburg defending the stove Mica Viciconte The previous week, on the Tuesday program, Santiago del Moro made a new announcement: “I want to welcome Barbie Vélez and Ernestina Pais, who are taking the place of Denise Dumas Y Joaquin Levington, respectively, for Covid issues. Prepare for something extreme.” And although he was referring to a French dish consisting of a fish wrapped in puff pastry, Pais took it so much to heart that as soon as he started he cut himself chopping onions: “I sliced ​​off a finger in minute 3 of the program, he later explained with his thumb bandaged left. The participant had to stop cooking while the program’s doctor disinfected her and dressed the wound. To protect her even more, the rest of the day Ernestina cooked with gloves, although she could not prevent her hand from continuing to bleed, even staining her shoes: “I feel like Rocky Balboa in the final battle,” she summed up a night to forget.

Brenda Asnicar and an interview that fell apart
Brenda Asnicar and an interview that fell apart

For those who didn’t know him, Café Fashion It was a night program on elnueve (when it was called Blue Television) in which a group of comedians machine-gunned the audience with short jokes, some quite silly and others bordering on good taste. The star of the program faded into the new millennium but, who would say, that two decades later another program would take the torch for a while.

It is clear that the proposal It’s not too late (NETT) It goes through other lanes, that’s why it is not fully understood what happened this week. Brenda Anicar and her indecisive bangs detailed her present in a tone that made it unclear whether she was joking or serious. To add to the general confusion, German Paoloski he remembered the guest’s peculiar habit of chatting with her plants. While she was trying to explain her relationship with vegetables, a boy dressed as a tree appeared on the scene. And there everything went downhill: “They left him planted”, “when I talk a lot I go off the rails”, “they touched his little bird”, “If you are interested in changing dollars, let me know, I am a little tree”, “I am made of good wood”, “if you you want, I’ll give you firewood”, and other phrases worthy of those joke books that are on the sale tables of bookstores. Luckily he Little Fox Von Quintiero and his band didn’t play the asparagus song Alf, because it was the only thing missing to close a night vintage.

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