May 26, 2022 4:24 pm

The strong outburst of Florencia Peña that dislodged Tomás Dente in full mobile

An unexpected episode starred Florence Pena Y Thomas Dente live in evening flower (Telephone). The host and the panelist show great complicity when it comes to communicating, however on this occasion, the journalist was misplaced in full mobile from San Bernardo when he received an insult from his partner.

In the midst of torrential rain, Dente set out to talk to tourists who were looking for a refuge because they could not enjoy the day at the beach. For this reason, he entered a very popular bar for having sculptures of celebrities and decided to challenge his classmates to guess who they were. “We are going to take a trip to the past. Let’s see how much you remember about the most relevant characters that marked us, “he said.

The first riddle was correct by the entire panel, in the case of Walter White, protagonist of the successful series Breaking Bad. But, already in the second character, the journalist promptly challenged the driver to say who she was in front of. “I killed you with this,” he warned. Flor immediately replied: Iroman. And, amid much laughter, he added: “How can I not remember ball ..? If it came out ten years ago”. Hearing the insult, Thomas fell silent.

However, that was not the only hint that the protagonist of Married with kids he did to the entertainment journalist. Seconds later, he approached a group of people to ask them about the sculptures and, after guessing, asked them to greet the camera. At that moment, everyone raised their hands and the chronicler shouted “we love you, Flor”.

Immediately afterwards, the driver attacked her partner without a filter: “And yes, like you, you will not love me if you do this.” Again, she burst out laughing as he blew her kisses on camera. They often have fun going back and forth live, which in this case remained in Peña’s comments, since his partner did not respond to the hints.

(Catch Team Flower)

Flor Peña announced weeks ago that she was going to stop being in charge of the cycle. “My life is getting complicated. My acting projects are getting complicated because I’m basically an actress. He had been negotiating with Telefe what was the best way to get out and we understood that summer was the best time”, she expressed totally excited.

(Instagram photo @tomroxdente)
(Instagram photo @tomroxdente)

Although it transpired that in February he was no longer going to be on the program, now it was learned that It will continue until at least March. Then, the cycle time would be occupied by the new Ángel de Brito program.

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