May 18, 2022 6:58 pm

The romantic messages between Lucas Alario and Agustina Albertario: “I choose you every morning”

There is no doubt that Lucas Alario Y Agustina Albertario they are in love. The soccer player and the hockey player have been indirectly sending each other through social networks for months and not long ago they ended up confirming their relationship. Since then, they share photos together and even make deep declarations of love.

The couple apparently completed a month of dating, as demonstrated with a number “1” and a heart, and conquered their followers with a romantic exchange of reflections. the figure of The lioness and recent silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics uploaded a photo with the forward of Bayer Leverkusen And wrote: “What is love? Love is an intelligent construction of two wise people, who decide to be friends, accomplices, cronies and good lovers”.

Agustina Albertario’s romantic post for her boyfriendInstagram @agusalbertario

The front of the Royal Léopold Club, from Brussels, added: “That despite the problems that are never lacking, they choose each morning to continue walking through life together.” Alario He did not take long to answer and published his own reflection.

“You said it all @agusalbertario I am going to say thank you for the love that is as great as you are as a person, for your words and for the time you take to be able to share from a moment together to a call even when you don’t have it.”, Said the footballer.

Alario's response in Albertario's post
Alario’s response in Albertario’s postInstagram @agusalbertario

The truth is that both have demanding routines due to their levels of professionalism in sports and their commitments to clubs. football Y hockey They also force them to live in different countries, although the distances between Belgium and Germany are not that great.

In the comments, the former player of River Plate He added: “I choose you every morning to continue walking together. THANK YOU PARTNER and be HAPPY ALWAYS”.

The romantic exchange was celebrated by his followers, among whom the former appeared Leona Magui Aiciega and one of the recent companions of Albertarium in the selection, Noel Barrionuevo.

The signals between the soccer player and the hockey player began in the middle of last year, when suggestive messages were sent while Alario I trained with Argentine national team and, later, when she traveled with the albiceleste campus to Japan for the JJOO.

One of the first photos of the two as a couple was published Augustine, who was far from the soccer player and was, as he wrote, “crossing out the days” to see each other again. There, the player replied “It’s not long now” and, with a heart, said “I love you”.

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