May 18, 2022 10:39 am

The Government said that it seeks to dejudicialize telecommunications to advance with 5G

The Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the Nation, Jorge Neme, said yesterday that telecommunications must be dejudicialized -in reference to the precautionary measures obtained by large companies against DNU 690/2020- to make way for the tender of spectrum of the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies 5G.

“We are working on what will be 5G as mentioned by the Ministry of Innovation and the National Communications Entity and we have traveled to Brazil to see how the bidding process was in that country. But on the way we have to advance in the dejudicialization of telecommunications accepting the regulation, and that will be able to open the way”, Neme said at a press conference for the launch of Imowi.

The official, together with authorities from Enacom and Arsat, have been meeting with the companies to try to unblock the situation that was generated as a result of DNU 690/2020, which declared a public service for telecommunications and established that the price of services was going to be fixed. For the state. Several of the large companies in the sector resorted to Justice to be able to define their values ​​and are outside the decree.

According to Neme, dejudicialization will give companies predictability and will allow them to update the set of technologies. “We have summoned the telephone companies to find a way out of the judicial situation. At this time the Government cannot apply a State policy and the companies have problems financing themselves. That is not good for anyone. Dejudicialization is a necessary step and the dialogue is open and positive”, full.

Asked, meanwhile, about the progress of 5G, the head of Enacom, Claudio Ambrosini, said that at the last board meeting last year, the fit bands and they already have the regulation, while now they are analyzing the value that the spectrum will have based on different current models that favor greater collection or greater deployment.

“We have to walk safely. The path of dialogue seeks to give predictability to the price and investment policy”, assured.

The launch of the mobile operation service was announced at the event. And says, which has the entire Movistar infrastructure with the exception of the access network (radio bases or antennas).

The project required a US$2 million investment and for the moment it will be available in 32 locations in the country, although the goal is to reach 500.

The price of the service is $705 for the base plan of 3GB, calls, SMS and WhatsApp. Data bonuses of different capacities and duration can be easily added to this plan through the self-management channels. On the other hand, a quadruple play package with internet, cable, landline and mobile will be $2,390 per month.

Imowi will be focused on generate a convergent offer for the users of the cooperatives, and also for those who today do not have the possibility of having mobility due to geographic location or limitations of the providers. It is planned to add annexed towns to the aforementioned areas during the first half of 2022 and subsequently roll out the new coverage in disconnected areas.

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