May 17, 2022 3:02 am

The Baltic countries will send missiles to Ukraine for an eventual Russian attack

WOOL.- Three NATO members that share their borders with Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, announced this Friday that they will send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to help Ukraine defend itself from “possible aggression” from Moscow.

The three Baltic countries that made up the Soviet Union and joined NATO in 2004, specified in a statement that to send US Javelin and Stinger missiles, after having obtained, at the beginning of the week, authorization from Washington to do so.

Stinger missile launcher in WashingtonAlex Wong – Getty Images North America

A person in charge of the Department of State in Berlin had anticipated that they were “accelerating the authorized transfers of US-origin equipment from other allies.” “There are European allies who have said they need to move forward on additional security assistance. [para] Ukraine in the coming days and weeks,” the official added.

In the Baltic statement released this Friday, it is stated that the three countries decided to come to the aid of their regional neighbor in the face of the threat from Moscow. ”In the face of increased Russian military pressure on Ukraine and the region, the Baltic States decided to respond to the needs of Ukraine and offer additional help in defense, ”says the statement.

“This aid will further strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory and population against possible Russian aggression,” it adds.

Estonia will provide Javelin anti-tank missiles; Latvia and Lithuania will provide anti-aircraft Stinger. “We sincerely hope that Ukraine will not have to use these weapons,” Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said.

“The Baltic states urge Russia to cease its aggressive and irresponsible behavior,” he added, stating that the weapons will be delivered “in the near future”. Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet stated that it was “important to support Ukraine in every possible way”.

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