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The AFI provided the list of Cambiemos officials who met with Arribas and Majdalani

The Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), driven by Cristina Caamaño, delivered to the federal justice of La Plata information relevant to the file that investigates the alleged staging of legal cases against trade unionists during the government of Mauricio Macri. According to the records that as of today are in the criminal file and to which he agreed THE NATION, the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro; the former Minister of Justice of Buenos Aires GustavoFerrari; the former Undersecretary of Justice of Buenos Aires Adrián Grassi; the former Minister of Labor of Buenos Aires Marcelo Villegas, and the former Minister of Labor of the Nation Jorge Triaca entered the AFI offices to meet with Gustavo Arribas, Silvia Majdalani or with the former director of Counterintelligence Diego Dalmau Pereyra on the dates close to the meeting at the Banco Provincia that became known through the illegal filming and in which they discussed how to move forward against Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, at that time the union leader of the Uocra branch of La Plata.

The federal judge of La Plata Ernest Kreplack, in charge of this case, had asked the AFI to report on the existence -or not- of income by Vidal officials in a certain period of time.

According to the AFI minute books, three days earlier, the municipal mayor of La Plata Garro entered the intelligence center on June 12 to meet with Majdalani. There were three days left before the meeting at the Banco Provincia offices. And he met her again another time, on November 14.

On July 31, they coincided in a meeting with the former director of Counterintelligence Diego Dalmau Pereyra Adrián Grassi Y Marcelo Villegas, the official of María Eugenia Vidal who spoke of a “gestapo” to go against the unions. That same day, according to the same records, Jorge Triaca met with Arribas. Grassi returned to visit Dalmau Pereyra eight days later, and finally met with who was the director of Legal Affairs of the AFI, Sebastián De Stefano, on January 2, 2018.

Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, the heads of the AFI during the Macri administrationArchive

Records also indicate that Gustavo Ferrari he met with Arribas on June 26. Vidal’s former justice minister also attended two meetings with Majdalani, one on August 25 and the other on December 4; and he met with Arribas again on September 6 and October 19. When reporting on the income of Ferrari and Triaca to justice, the AFI took a discretionary measure, since, in Kreplak’s letter, information on neither of them was requested.

The meeting at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Banco Provincia, whose dialogues were broadcast as a result of an illegal recording, was on June 15, 2017. It was seen and heard that there the Buenos Aires officials, two former AFI officials and a group of construction businessmen who were summoned by Villegas, enumerated the criminal conduct of the trade unionist “Pata” Medina. Both Medina, as well as the AFI, and as different voices of the ruling party used the material to argue that the legal cases that advanced against Kirchnerism and against trade unionists during the government of Mauricio Macri and of Maria Eugenia Vidal They were armed.

In parallel, today criminal proceedings were given to the complaint filed by the former chief of staff of the government of Daniel Scioli, Alberto Perez, also in the courts of At payment, against Vidal, former officials of his government and former AFI officials for alleged acts of illegal intelligence in the province of Buenos Aires.

Pérez had presented and provided audios of the deputy commissioner Hernan Casassa, who participated in the raids on his house and properties of Daniel Scioli. According to these audios, there was a circuit within the orbit of the Buenos Aires Province Police that illegally collected information. The complaint was ratified by Pérez before the judicial authorities and today the prosecutor’s office in charge of Ana Russo required investigation. Kreplak He agreed to move on. The first case processed in La Plata for these events was initiated from the complaint filed by the AFI. In that file, dozens of measures have already been taken to discover the circumstances of the meeting.

In addition, Kreplak asked for information from the Bicameral Commission for Monitoring and Supervision of Intelligence Organizations, which is also carrying out an investigation. Through an official letter, the Commission was asked to send to the court of La Plata the statement that was taken from the deputy commissioner Casassa in Congress.

Alberto Pérez had already attacked Vidal in statements to the media. “In the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal had exactly the same strategies as (Mauricio) Macri: to discredit the previous government. his governor and the people who surrounded him, especially me as chief of staff, and for that they set up a judicial table where the persecution was planned, “he said on Radio 10, and said that Vidal should resign from his seat in the National Congress .

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