May 16, 2022 8:55 am

Tears and disappointment: 24 hours after her debut, Adele announced with a video the suspension of her shows in Las Vegas

One day before grand premiere of her show in Las Vegas, Adele announced through a video posted on her Instagram account that the dates of the concerts were going to be postponed. With tears in her eyes and noticeably sorry, the British singer explained the reason why she decided to cancel the show at the last minute.

“Hello. I want to apologize but my show is not ready. We’ve done our best to put it together on time and make it good enough for you, but delivery delays and Covid have totally wrecked us. Half of my team, half of my people, are with Covid”, he told his followers.

“It has been impossible to finish the show – and I can’t show you what I have so far. I’m tired… I’m tired. I’m so sorry this is all last minute, but we’ve been up for over 30 hours trying to fix this and we’re out of time.”, he continued.

After assuring that the shows will be held later, Adele confessed to feeling very bad. “I am very upset and very embarrassed. Again, I am so sorry to everyone who has traveled to see me. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry… We’re going to reschedule all the dates, we’re on it right now, and I’m going to finish my show and I’m going to do a show like the one I’m supposed to do. I am very sorry that it was impossible, we have faced many things and it is not ready. I’m so sorry,” he concluded.

The show, called Weekends with Adele, had a premiere date this Friday, January 21 at the Colosseum of Caesars Palace, and was going to be on the bill until mid-April, performing two performances every weekend. The singer announced her own Las Vegas residency in November, shortly after the release of her latest studio album, 30.

Although the new dates have not yet been confirmed, it is speculated that the show will premiere in April and will last until June. Tickets to see the singer ranged from 85 to 12 thousand dollars.

Throught social media, those fans who had paid trips to see the British singer expressed their anger. “I have paid 6 plane tickets and a hotel reservation,” said a user, who accompanied his message with a sad face emoticon.

“I am furious that Adele waited until the last minute to make the announcement. I understand that it is not a decision that an artist wants to make, but she should have known yesterday that the show was not going to be ready for tomorrow. I am angry and frustrated”, expressed Gillian Rowland-Kain in dialogue with the Daily Mail. The woman found out about the suspension of the concerts when she was on the plane to Las Vegas.

Thomas Wright, who traveled from North Carolina, told the British outlet that he spent $455 on each ticket, $1,600 on flights and hotel, and $100 on COVID tests to enjoy seeing Adele live. “I already know that I will not be able to miss work again to return, I cannot afford it. This trip was made possible through a sum of Christmas and birthday gifts, in addition to savings, ”he said angrily.

Some fans even assured that they will appear tonight at Caesars Palace, at show time, hoping that the artist will be there.. They also assure that no matter how the show is, that all they want is to see her sing live, and that they will be happy if she does it the same even if she does not have the necessary deployment.

Despite the controversy, some colleagues came out to support Adele in her decision. “My dear, I was there. The pressure is immense and I feel so sorry for all of you. It will all work out and it will be awesome when you do,” Pink wrote.

“Covid is killing us mentally, because no one is showing us how to adjust our own expectations and those we have of others. We’re killing ourselves trying to make things work like in the old world, but it doesn’t work like that anymore. We can’t make things happen the way they used to, but we don’t seem to be allowed to say that, because no one is brave enough to say, ‘No. This cannot be done now. It’s enough,’” wrote writer Glennon Doyle.

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