May 21, 2022 1:23 pm

Supermarkets. The strong recovery of consumption in December was not enough to reverse the bad year

Consumption ended with mixed results in 2021. In December, sales of basic basket products in supermarkets closed with a strong recovery of 6.5% in units, which represented the sixth consecutive monthly rise. The good result of the last semester, however, was not enough to compensate for the falls in the first half of the year and 2021 closed with a fall of 2.1 percent. The drop in 2021 was the sixth in a row and to find a year with positive consumption you have to go back to 2015, when sales closed with a rise of 2.5 percent.

All the numbers come from the latest report by the consulting firm Scentia, which highlighted that the great engine of the recovery in consumption in December was once again the interior of the country, which had a spectacular month with a rise of 12.2 percent. The interior also showed a much higher performance throughout 2021 than the AMBA, with an average drop in sales of just 0.4% compared to -4.2% in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

The interior showed a performance throughout 2021 much higher than that of the AMBA, with an average drop in sales of just 0.4% compared to -4.2% in Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

“Although this recovery in volumes seen in the second half generates positive expectations for the future, the end of the year was negative at -2.1% and as a consequence of this, we reached the sixth consecutive year of decline in consumption” , assured Osvaldo Del Río, director of Scentia.

The recovery in consumption began in July, when sales grew by 1.7%, and as of that month, sales of food, beverages, toiletries and cleaning products showed positive numbers, reaching 6.5% in December. The numbers of the last months contrast with what happened in the first half of the year, which had registered falls close to 10 percent.

Within the so-called “self service” channel, the best results were once again shown by self-service stores. “As in November, this channel was the one that contributed the most to the positive performance of December, achieving a variation of -7.6% vs 2020. Supermarket chains also had a positive variation, although somewhat less than 5, 3%. In any case, the full year ended at -6.2% for supermarkets and 3.2% for supermarkets.

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