May 17, 2022 10:16 am

Spain will bring a compact team full of ambition to Beijing 2022



With an Olympic landscape on the horizon, the possibility of officially presenting the candidacy of Barcelona-Pyrenees by 2030, Spain will present itself at the Beijing Games with 14 athletes who will aspire to repeat the successes of four years ago. Then, Javier Fernandez and Regino Hernandez they achieved two bronzes that represented one of the greatest harvests in history. Joy that now trusts in reissuing the Spanish Winter Olympics.

The Permanent Commission of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) today confirmed the composition of the national team for Beijing. In total, 14 athletes that represent a slight increase compared to the participation in the Korean event (there were 13). The participants grow and so does the ambition. Because if then the options of climbing to the top of the podium seemed scarce – the bronzes achieved were a major joy – now so much Lucas Eguibar as Queralt Castellet appear among the favorites to all.

In addition to the two riders, the name of Ander Mirambell emerges as the protagonist, almost certainly leading the way in the inauguration of what will be his fourth consecutive Games. The Catalan is excited about a possibility that should be made public next Tuesday, coinciding with the first executive committee of the year in the COE.

On the sporting front, in addition to those mentioned, Spain will bring to Beijing a compact and ambitious team in which the skier stands out Quim Salarich, whose results in recent weeks make it possible to host an Olympic diploma.

In total, the Ice Sports Federation will have five representatives. In addition to Mirambell, figure skating pairs will be in Beijing Laura Barquero and Marco Zandrón and Adrián Díaz and Olivia Smart.

As for the Winter Sports Federation, it will take nine athletes. to the riders Lucas Eguibar and Queralt Castellet alpine skiers will join Quim Salarich, Adur Etxezarreta and Nuria Pau. In addition, cross-country skiers will go Imanol Rojo and Jaume Pueyo, and freestyle skiers Javier Lliso and Thibault Magnin.

This list could increase slightly depending on the places that remain to be assigned and for which there is a deadline until next January 24.

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