May 15, 2022 12:50 am

Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez swam naked under a waterfall and shared the moment with her followers

After the confusing episode in which Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez accused Wanda Nara of putting a waterfall of ‘Like’ on her boyfriend’s photos Bautista Bello, the model was shown on Instagram very happy with the polo player, in her native province. The couple decided to enjoy their walk in the middle of nature and she dared to swim naked while being captured by the young man. The video of the intimate moment was shared on their social networks.

“Jujuy” and Bautista decided to spend their vacations in the northern province after celebrating the beginning of 2022 in Punta del Este. Through social networks, they showed how they spend their days surrounded by pure nature. It was the driver who He shared a series of images in which he is shown at the foot of a waterfall, with a pure smile. With mesh and without it, he posed before the cameras.

The model shared the moment with her followers (Photo Instagram @sofijuok)

This intimate moment with her partner was not only captured in photos, but Jiménez was encouraged to share a video where she is seen diving totally naked, while traversing under a large waterfall. The moment was captured by the polo player, who took several shots to record his girlfriend.

However, it was not the only walk that the couple made. In addition, they traveled extensive rural lands of pure vegetation on horseback, one of the passions that the athlete shares with the model. The two left this moment captured on their Instagram accounts, and showed that These days together are pure relaxation, fun and experiences surrounded by nature.

The couple enjoys their vacations in the north of the country (Photo Instagram @sofijuok)
The couple enjoys their vacations in the north of the country (Photo Instagram @sofijuok)

It was in October, that after weeks of rumors, Jiménez and Bello whitewashed their relationship. They first posted on networks during a romantic trip to Mendoza and then they were seen together at night in Buenos Aires. From that moment, they are very much in love and inseparable.

In an Instagram message, the model thanked for crossing paths with Bautista in her life and for starting the relationship. “I don’t believe, I look at you, I look at us and I don’t understand. You are full of light and I do not know how to thank so much love. I hope everyone in this world finds someone who, with just a glance, tells them more than a thousand pretty words”, he was sincere.

On a pure ride, both shared their horseback ride (Instagram photo @sofijuok and @bautibello)
On a pure ride, both shared their horseback ride (Instagram photo @sofijuok and @bautibello)

The last relationship that she had bleached was with Juan Martín Del Potro, which according to rumors would not have ended in the best way due to alleged infidelities on the part of the athlete that Jiménez would have discovered.

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