May 14, 2022 11:23 am

Profitable Prank: A Student Turns His Selfie Collection Into NFTs And Becomes A Millionaire

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is a computer science student who, for a few years, has set out to record one selfie per day in front of his computer since 2017. Now 22 years old, as a joke, the young Indonesian from the province of Central Java decided to transform his self-portraits in a NFT collection, the technology known as non-fungible tokens to pass the time.

It all started as a joke, and Sultan never thought that anyone would be interested in collecting some of his selfies transformed into NFTs, with an arbitrarily set price of 3 dollars, equivalent to 0.00001 ETH. This series of photos, registered in the plataforma NFT Open Sea, took flight of its own and became a viral phenomenon after being discovered by a famous local chef.

This was the initial kick for other cryptocurrency enthusiasts saw the opportunity to start trading Ghozali collectibles, whose price rose to a maximum of 0.9 ETH, equivalent to about 3000 dollars. Due to this price, the collection of selfies of the young Indonesian student has a traded volume equivalent to $1.2 million.

“Uploaded my photo to NFT lol. I can’t believe people bought my NFT photo. 35 already sold in one dayGhozali said. on his Twitter account. Soon, in disbelief, he announced that sales had reached 230 photos.

“I still don’t understand why they want to buy NFT photos from me. But I thank all of you for these five years of effort. It was worth it,” the computer science student said in another tweet. His parents still do not know about this new and unexpected income that he has just received from these transactions, although the repercussions did not go unnoticed by the Indonesian authorities, who invited him to regularize your tax situation.

“It will be the first time I pay taxes in my life,” Ghozali said from his Twitter profile about this unusual moment that made him a millionaire with some selfies and technology blockchain.

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