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Penélope Cruz is a star and another Latina in Hollywood




For Penelope Cruz (Alcobendas, 47), working with Pedro Almodóvar is neither easier nor more difficult than doing it in a Hollywood blockbuster like ‘Agents 355’, a spy thriller whose main and only attraction is the face-to-face, melee, of its leading actresses: Jessica Chastain (44), Diane Kruger (45) and Lupita Nyong’ (38). Sebastian Stan and Édgar Ramírez also come out, although not much. It opens this Friday in theaters. “They are different experiences. With Pedro I have this extensive relationship, seven films together, and I hope more,” says the interpreter in a video call with ABC and foreign media.

On February 8, Cruz could receive her fourth Oscar nomination for ‘Parallel Mothers’, her latest work with Almodóvar and a title for which she has already been recognized outside and inside our country.

It all started with the Volpi Cup in Venice, where Cruz he remembered his other mother, his mother-in-law Pilar Bardem, recently deceased. With the awards, according to her, it is better not to expect anything: «And if something happens, it is very exciting, of course, and one feels very grateful. It always catches you by surprise. It’s healthier and more correct.” She found out about her award as best actress for the Los Angeles film critic from Almodóvar, who sent her a message.

Penelope Cruz she has done the Americas her way (Almodóvar believes her best performance was on television as Donatella Versace). “I am very grateful to be able to be part of different film genres; going from more independent films to something in between to something very big, where you shoot for many, many months and the team is huge. Movies like ‘Agents 355’ it is a major production because it needs it to be carried out. I see how a school does all genres, ”explains the Alcobenda.

This time it is one more Hollywood star. It was Jessica Chastain, another possible Oscar nominee this year for ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’, who devised ‘Agents 355’ alongside filmmaker Simon Kinberg. Chastain called Cruz and the rest of an international cast that, at first, was going to include Marion Cotillard: «We went to Cannes together to sell it and it sold in record time. We shot it two summers ago. If you look at the past, there are not so many films in this genre where the protagonists, the ones who are saving the world, are women.

Cruz, a “natural feminist” like her mother, does not believe that the union of women (in ‘Agents 355‘ to literally save the world) be stronger than that of men. “It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone work together to help others and help each other to become stronger.” Cruz, yes, was saved from the action scenes. His Graciela, with a “strong personality”, neither knows nor wants to learn how to use a weapon.

“It was hard for the other three actresses. My character, when he sees physical danger, he runs away and covers his head. It is what I proposed from the beginning. In this genre I wanted to play the fish out of water, a character who is very good at what she does, psychology, but she is not an agent on the ground. He is very scared, counting the minutes to go home. That would also give the film humor. The audience can also identify with her: ‘That would be me on a mission like that.’ I haven’t seen that kind of character in this genre,” he explains. Cruz.

In ‘Agents 355’ again plays a Latin woman with a strong accent (and success). Her husband, Javier Bardem, was criticized for playing a Cuban in the movie ‘Ser los Ricardo’. Wouldn’t you have liked to play a Spanish psychiatrist? “There is a greater need for representation today. In this case, it is a Colombian character. Of course, greater Latin representation is needed, but at the same time, the actors and actresses from Spain who are working are also a minority, so greater representation from us is also necessary. I can’t just think of myself: ‘Oh, I’ve been working there [Hollywood] Since young!’. I know there are very few of us and it would be great if that were opened up to more people.”

Cruz She has had two or three roles in mind since she was a child that she would like to play one day. He prefers not to reveal them. He wants to continue producing films after ‘Ma ma’ (2015), by Julio Medem, and ‘In the margins’ (2022), by Juan Diego Botto, whom he has known since he was 13 years old and with whom he starred in ‘La matchmaker’ (1996) . “Do more things in that direction, but not four or five movies a year. That requires a lot of effort and time. Make a movie from time to time. I am also directing a documentary that will take me two or three years; another dream.

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