May 17, 2022 2:11 am

Patagonia is concerned about the possibility that Jones Huala will return to Argentina

“It’s a new slap, not only to the neighbors of Villa Mascardi but to the whole Andean region. It is very eloquent how the national government encourages and supports its violent actions,” he told reporters today. THE NATION Diego Frutos, president of the Villa Mascardi Neighborhood Council. That voice expresses, like others, the concern for the granting of parole to Jones Huala, the leader of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), which torments a large number of citizens and political leaders of Black river.

Huala fulfilled in Chile a nine-year sentence – which expires in 2024 – for the burning of a property in the Pisu Pisue field and for the illegal possession of weapons, and today the Chilean justice granted him conditional freedom. On his imminent return to Argentina, fruits opined: “It would mean a sharp upsurge in violence. It has already been demonstrated that under the protection of self-perceived as Mapuche -and it has been demonstrated that they are not, just as they are not recognized by the true communities-, they commit all kinds of crimes like the fires of our properties and physical attacks on the real inhabitants of the region.”

Juan Carlos MartinezPresident of the Fire Department The Baggins, expressed to THE NATION that the decision regarding Huala is “a great disappointment, on the part of our justice and of the Chilean justice”. He also pointed to the national state that endorses these situations and these acts of violence. Let us not forget that the national government protects these groups of criminals, it was the security minister himself who said that they are not dangerous”, which he considers as “a lack of respect”.

Jones Huala will return to Río Negro shortly

He described the Mapuche leader’s group as “terrorists and criminals because they sow terrorThey come burning and threatening, permanently harassing, and that sows fear in society.” He pointed out that Huala considers that “if you don’t think like me I have the right to set you on fire, to burn your business and your fields”. He indicated that the people of Rio Negro live “very difficult situations.”

He recognized that the local authorities have a “commitment” to defend them, but that They do very little. because no one wants to risk their skin. Indeed, the provincial authorities today avoided making a pronouncement on the decision of the Chilean Justice.

Lastly, he noted that “The first obligation of the State is to give us security and tranquility” but that if it does not comply with this duty “it leaves an open window where there are people who can interpret that the defense must be done on its own.” He warned that there is a “fed up of the people of these situations, where in fact there have already been deaths, and it can generate an escalation.”

This is how the areas devastated by the fire were left in the area of ​​El Bolsón and surroundings
This is how the areas devastated by the fire were left in the area of ​​El Bolsón and surroundingsMarcelo Martinez – THE NATION

In the same way, Daniel Perfumo, who lives in Catriel and is president of the Fundación Pensar de Río Negro, shared with THE NATION that “in the province to us this we are concerned because the national state, which is the one who should ensure that this criminal does not return to the country, and if it does, it must be subject to law, today it does not give us these guarantees”. He added: “What is happening in Villa Mascardi and in The Baggins confirms that the State is not present. As people from Rio Negro, we are concerned that the Mapuches being able to cross into Argentina seems normal.”

In addition, Perfumo drew attention to the intervention Magdalena Odarda, president of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs (INADI), in the matter. He noted that “to his second, Luis PilquimanThey found him making arrangements with teams from the Mapuche organization, taking people to the land occupations.”

Juan Martin, legislator of Together for Change in Río Negro, communicated that they see “with a lot of concern The release of Jones Huala. Although he cannot come to Argentina, at least legally, his lawyers have already said that in the next few days they will make a formal request so that he can return,” he clarified.

“Our concern is because he never desisted from his violent expressions, a little over a month ago he spoke of” avenging the blood “of the usurper killed in Cuesta del Ternero and as soon as he got out of jail he vindicated the RAM and called for sabotage “, shared. “We already have enough violence in the area, largely endorsed by the government, so that now this element also comes to be added”, he said.

In his first minutes of freedom, in front of the Temuco prison, the leader of the RAM claimed “revolutionary Mapuche political organizations, the self-defense of the peñi (brother) and the sabotage of large companies”.

The referent of the Central of Argentine Workers (CTA), Louis D’Elia celebrated the freedom of the Mapuche leader and expressed his support for the Chilean country. “Great news!!!! Facundo Jones Huala has just been released on parole in Chile. After some procedures, he will leave the prison and then process his return. The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned. Let’s go Chilli Fuck “, he tweeted.

While, Jones Huala’s mother, Isabel, affirmed that her son will remain in Chile for a while until the return process is processed. In any case, the ruling of the Temuco Court of Appeals does not give details on the conditions of the conditional release or specify whether he must remain in Chile.

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