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Oscar 2022: the Hollywood Academy thinks of a ceremony with several conductors

Not one, but several. That is the expectation that the Hollywood Academy has on the return of the driver to the Oscar ceremony. As we know, the decision has already been made that the biggest party in the film industry will once again have a presenter after four years.

was talked about Tom Holland, also from Ricky Gervais, but in the last few hours, the Hollywood press revealed the intention of the organizers of go even further and to recover that vacant place in the last deliveries with a reinforced presence. Two, three, four hosts? Maybe a larger number? Speculations fly because neither the Academy nor those in charge of the television broadcast have come out so far to break the silence that they imposed on themselves.

Those responsible for the ceremony, with general producer Will Packer at the helm, have an iron mandate: to achieve, with all the means at their disposal, a definitive stop the free fall of the rating that has been recorded in recent years. The Oscar party stopped attracting the attention of television audiences and last year Many considered that the bottom had been reached.

Stars of Only murders in the building, Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short, are three firm candidates to lead the Oscar

The arrival of a new production team, with the renowned director Steven Soderbergh at the head, promised an innovative ceremony, adapted to the circumstances of the pandemic, which included up to a Historic Headquarters Change: From Dolby Theater to Historic Union Station Railroad Terminal, with far fewer guests and rotating figures in charge of announcements and presentations. The result was a resounding disappointment and the 2021 Oscars became one of the most boring in all of history.

Now, despite the conditions imposed by Covid, the organizers want to recover the splendor of other times and reconvene the public through the screen. The idea shared by the Academy and those in charge of the television broadcast, insinuated at the same time that the return of the master of ceremonies was confirmed, is to have some high profile figure to play that role. The last thing that is known now is that they are also thinking of multiplying it.

Variety, the first outlet to announce this change in strategy, recalled that the 1983 ceremony, the year in which there was four presenters (Liza Minnelli, Dudley Moore, Walter Matthau, and Richard Pryor), recorded one of the highest audience figures in history. Is there any similar idea being handled today? For now there is only conjecture and no definition.

What Variety did assure is that some of the names that were mentioned at first would already be out of the running. Dwayne Johnson, Tom Holland (which came to apply for itself and opened the imagination to the possibility of sharing that place with her partner in the movies and in real life Zendaya, both very loved by the new generations), Kevin Hart, Jimmy Kimmel Y Tiffany Haddish they would be discarded due to insoluble problems of agenda and previous commitments.

In the same publication, some more plausible names appear and that the organizers would have noted down in their tentative lists. On the one hand, the trio of comedians made up of Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey Y Amy Poehler, which has the advantage of the experience accumulated, especially by the last two, in leading important award ceremonies (the Golden Globes, for example).

The other trio to consider, known for their starring presence in one of the best comedies of 2021, is the one with Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short. Here generational crosses are mixed (two great comedy veterans, who have also done more than one successful stand-up show together, and a brilliant young woman with eclectic talent) and artistic ones.

The Oscars face a (new) pivotal moment in their history
The Oscars face a (new) pivotal moment in their history

After the success of Only Murders in the Building (series available on Star+) many believe that the three could be ideal vehicles to attract the attention of audiences of different ages and interests. Variety also recalled that Craig Erwich, the head of the ABC network (owner of the Oscar broadcast rights), said that this trio is above any other in their aspirations for the ceremony.

Packer and his collaborators are sure to have several more names on their agendas. They don’t have much room to linger (the ceremony is scheduled for Sunday March 27th), but in any case we will have to wait some more time for the definitions to arrive. Those responsible for the transmission of the Oscar are facing a very complex challenge. They must innovate to make the Oscar party attractive again, keep a certain classic spirit in the midst of innovative ideas and above all find the most suitable interpreters (it is already known that it will not be one) to conduct a ceremony that could mark a before and after in the history of the award.

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