May 17, 2022 8:09 am

Official social movements organize a march in support of the Government and against “the adjustment that the IMF wants to impose”

In a new show of support for the Government, from a sector of the social organizations that are part of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP) announced that they plan to carry out a march to Plaza de Mayo next week, with the aim of supporting the negotiations for the payment of the external debt and rejecting “the adjustment that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) wants to impose”.

“Within the social movements, mobilizing together with other sectors of society in support of the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, and President Alberto Fernández is being evaluated,” said the national coordinator of Somos-Barrios de Pie, Daniel Menendez, one of the social leaders who called for a demonstration, who added: “We are going to put a street and support the government’s arm wrestling with the IMF, which seems to want to destabilize it.”

Daniel Menéndez, candidate for national deputy for the province of Buenos AiresPress Movement Evita

In that sense, the Former Undersecretary of Integration Policies of the Ministry of Social Development highlighted “the courage and firmness that the Government has shown in the negotiation with the Fund and that it is key to having a perspective of improvement in social indicators, especially after the two pandemics that the people had to endure, that of Covid and the that the macrismo left with this unpayable debt.”

Last December, the main official social referents met with Fernández to support it in the negotiations with the multilateral credit organization. “There was talk, but not with details regarding the agreement, but with the premises that we share and the characterization of that debt of those who have taken it,” said Menéndez at the time. Organizations such as Barrios de Pie, the Evita Movement, the Clasista and Combative Current (CCC), the Popular Unity Movement (MUP), Octobers, and CTD-Aníbal Verón participated in that meeting, which took place in Casa Rosada.

President Alberto Fernández and the representatives of the official social movements.
President Alberto Fernández and the representatives of the official social movements.

Some of these groups have already expressed their objections to a possible agreement with the Fund and would vote against any “multi-year plan.” Among them stands out the CCC, whose leader Juan Carlos Alderete He is a national deputy and a member of the Frente de Todos bloc. While the legislators of the Great Fatherland Front who respond to Juan Grabois They would accompany, as long as the project presented by the Government includes an income policy for the most vulnerable sectors, such as a universal basic salary.

The last time that the social movements allied to the ruling party came out to support Alberto Fernández was last November 17, in an act for the militancy day organized in conjunction with the CGT and after the President called to “celebrate the victory” after being defeated in the legislative elections. Meanwhile, two months before and in the midst of the crisis unleashed by mass resignations by officials who respond to Kirchnerism, the Evita Movement had called for a march to Plaza de Mayo to support the president. However, the demonstration was deactivated before it took place.

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