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Norwegian Viva, the luxury cruise that includes a Kart track

Opting for a cruise vacation is always a wise bet. In addition to being able to visit different cities on the same route, the facilities of these boats offer all kinds of comforts and a wide range of leisure and gastronomy that has nothing to envy to the best hotels. Cinema, shows, swimming pools, sports facilities… the possibilities are endless. Everything that passengers can dream of exists in these giants, including a world-class go-kart track and Norwegian Cruise Line has proven it.

The American shipping company has presented Norwegian Viva, its new fleet of the Prima class that will be ready to sail the seas from June 2023. It will be then that he makes a series of eight, nine and ten night trips from Lisbon, Trieste, Rome and Athens. In December of the same year, he will leave on a seven-night trip to the Caribbean and will become the largest ship that has ever arrived at the port of San Juan de Puerto Rico. Although we will still have to wait a year to get on board this incredible cruise, the reservations of the places are already open.

The leisure offer of this cruise is of the highest level – © Norwegian Cruise Line

Luxury and exclusivity on board

this ship of 294 meters long and a weight of 142,500 tons can hold up to 3,219 passengers in double occupancy. In addition, it will have the highest crew levels and passenger ratio of any other vessel in the same premium category.

Pool in The Haven area
The Haven Area Pool – © Norwegian Cruise Line
Image of a suite with a balcony
Image of a suite with a balcony – © Norwegian Cruise Line

Its amenities, how could it be otherwise, are first class. Those who choose to purchase the ultra premium ticket will be able to enjoy, in addition to the common areas, an area named The Haven, in which there will be a large terrace, an open-air spa with a glass-walled sauna and a cold room for cryotherapy, an infinity pool and 107 suites designed by Piero Lissoni, one of the most famous designers in Italy.

What’s more, Ocean Boulevard adds a 4,088-square-meter outdoor walkway. Add to this the area Infinity Beach, with several infinity pools, suspended glass bridges and the fastest free-fall slides in the sea with ten stories high, and The Concourse which provides an outdoor sculpture garden. As if all this were not enough, there is also a playground that includes an interactive miniature golf course on the high seas with immersive technology and un simulador de Flying Theater. The gastronomic zone will offer 11 restaurants, among which stands out Onda by Scapretta, an Italian with exquisite delicacies.

But, without a doubt, what is most striking about this new giant is that it will have a go-kart racing track with three levels, a space that will allow its users to enjoy adrenaline and speed over the sea.

Image of the Kart track of this Viva cruise
Image of the Kart track of this Viva cruiser – © Norwegian Cruise Line

A commitment to sustainability

Built in the Italian Fincantieri shipyards, in Marghera, the Norwegian Viva will come with the latest technologies and different systems aimed at reducing its impact on the environment, such as the NOx reduction system (SCR) –the SCR catalytic converters filter up to 98% of sulfur oxides and up to 90% of nitrogen oxides–, the exhaust gas cleaning system, the wastewater treatment and the option of connecting to the electrical networks in land to further reduce such emissions while in port.

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