May 15, 2022 12:59 am

Netflix will no longer let you share your account with family and friends

Either because they decided to buy the subscription between siblings or that, for example, one of the family is the one who pays for it and gives access to the parents. Today, having access to Netflix is ​​as common as continuing to pay for cable television or -even more so- hiring an internet service. In this context and making the most of the possibility of the different profiles, it is not uncommon for the family group to actually be two to three different households. Truth?

This simple fact is what Netflix wants to change within its platform, now approaching a model much more similar to the one that works on Spotify with its family plan. Here’s what you need to know about the latest announcements from the giant streaming:

It is important to know that this development is in the testing phase and, in fact, at this time users have the option to choose “Verify later” when this warning appears. That said, it is clear what direction Netflix is ​​taking and this is confirmed by the forceful phrase in its statement: “We’re good at making sure that the people who are using a Netflix account, who are signing in, are the ones who are authorized to do so.”. On the users’ side there is only one option left: re-evaluate the package to which they are subscribed.

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