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Leonardo DiCaprio succumbs to the fashion of motorhomes with a 1.5 million model

In the life of an actor, if one thing is certain, it is that travel is an important part of his routine. Depending on the script and the country chosen for filming, both planes and long car journeys are essential, which is why more and more people choose to purchase a motorhome where they can also comfortably spend the wait between shots and shots. .

The caravan on the outside is golden in color – © Youtube

Will Smith or Tom Hanks are some of the celebrities who have been in possession of one, and now Leonardo DiCaprio joins this group, who has decided to indulge himself with a model that, as expected, is only affordable for a few pockets because its price exceeds one and a half million dollars.

Knowing that he will spend a lot of time in it (in fact, he already premiered it on the set of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Origin’), the interpreter has sought excellence, choosing one of the most prestigious brands in the sector, the firm King Kong Production Vehicles, whose models have nothing to envy to luxury hotels. A video has recently been published on Bloomberg in which its founder, David Rovsek, explains that the actor’s is one of the largest and most luxurious on the market, with dimensions of 16 meters long.

Inside reigns vintage style
Inside reigns vintage style – © Youtube

The strong point of this caravan lies in the possibility offered to expand your space whenever you want through four additional modules that are easily deployed through an automatic system. As for the style, it has been customized to have a vintage air, very seventies, with golden finishes on the outside and lacquered cherry wood on the inside.

The space is used to the maximum
The space is used to the maximum – © Youtube

luxury on wheels

The space is distributed in a very balanced way, allowing even meetings with friends or the occasional dinner to be held inside. It consists of a large living room that communicates with a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen with a lounge bar.

It should be noted that all the furniture is custom made to make the most of the square meters and make it more comfortable. There are also two fireplaces (one in the living room and one in the bedroom), mirrors on the ceiling to achieve greater visual amplitude and heated marble floors.

There are a total of 7 televisions
There are a total of 7 televisions – © Youtube

The suite is another of the key points, as it has certain details that denote that it is a vehicle destined for a celebrity. On the one hand, a ceramic hydromassage shower made by hand and valued at more than 40,000 dollars (and which, according to what they say, took more than two weeks to make); and on the other, a closet that looks like a dressing room. In addition, there is another additional bathroom and seven television screens distributed in all rooms.

The shower is valued at $40,000.
The shower is valued at $40,000.

There is no doubt that since the pandemic began, this type of transport has gained great popularity thanks to the independence they offer, which is why they have become one of the most popular options for going on vacation and living a different experience. Those interested in traveling in a caravan like the actor’s are in luck, since the similar model can be rented for €5,300 a week.

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