May 23, 2022 4:29 am

In Punta del Este. María Belén Ludueña and her vacation routine, installed in the apartment that belonged to Franco Macri

For Maria Belen Luduena (35), the sea and the beach of his life are those of his beloved Mar del Plata, the city where he was born and raised. As a girl, she played local and, over the years, although she chose Buenos Aires as a base to grow her career as a journalist, stepping on the sands of Mar del Plata again always makes her excited. Since she began her courtship with Jorge Macri (56) four years ago, María Belén joins the Macri family ritual: receive the new year in the Terrazas de Manantiales department, in Punta del Este, which belonged to Franco Macri. And 2022 was no exception. First, the journalist and the current Minister of Government of the City of Buenos Aires flew to Cariló to celebrate Christmas with the Ludueñas and then they continued to Uruguay in the company of Jorge’s children –Antonio, Martina and Giorgio– and their mother, Alicia.

In Punta del Este, Belén set up her own routine: walking 10 kilometers every day, then shopping in the market to bring her the necessary ingredients so that the chef of the house –her future husband– prepares her best dishes, enjoy the beach in the afternoon and evening, taking care of the plants in the apartment. Only some nights, they ate with friends (they were seen at La Huella with Guillermo Andino and his wife, Carolina Prat). This week, Belén returned to Buenos Aires with recharged batteries and the necessary calm to face her new job: at the end of February she will return to host the America newscast, but this time it will be at noon and in a pair with Andino.

Thursday 13. Belén – splendid in a bathing suit by her friend, Flavia Palmiero, who curiously was first lady of Manantiales when she was in a relationship with Franco Macri – waters the plants and drinks mate. Marcelo Rodriguez
the goddess that "reina" in the eastern department.
The goddess who “reigns” in the tin department. Marcelo Rodriguez
The magazine cover Hello!  This week
The magazine cover Hello! This weekMarcelo Rodriguez

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