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He discovered a terrible secret of his wife because he was talking in his sleep: “Everything fell into place immediately”

A strange event occurred on a night like any other in the lives of Antony and Ruth, a couple from the county of Lancashire, UK. In the middle of a deep sleep, his wife whispered some curious information that disturbed him. Those words confirmed the suspicions that the man had long ago and your reaction shocked everyone who heard his story.

In early 2008, Antony Fort, 61, and Ruth Fort, 47, met and decided to get married. His passion for music was one of the points that forged their relationship from the beginning. In an interview with the media Liverpool Echo that reconstructed its history, the man narrated: “We went to concerts and walked around a lot. We were very happy together.”

During that time they lived in Fleetwood and after suffering various financial problems, they moved to Lancashire, where Antony continued his career as a microbiologist and Ruth began working as a carer for the elderly. There they formalized their relationship, lived together for more than 10 years and had three children.

However, as of 2018, the man began to notice some suspicious attitudes from his life partner. “One night in August of that year, I picked Ruth up from work and she told me that she had taken one of the nursing home residents shopping that day.Antony told Liverpool Echo.

Antony and Ruth were married for more than 10 years and had three children.Focus Features via London Echo

Then his wife revealed to him that the elderly lady in question had £98,000 in her bank and “something in the way she spoke made my heart sink”. “I realized that Ruth must have access to the card and the PIN number,” he revealed. “There was no more, but I started to worry, even though I had no reason to. It was an instinct”, he assured later in the interview.

After that episode, Antony did not mention the topic of conversation again and their relationship continued as before.. But nevertheless, something changed since that event. According to the protagonist, although they managed to overcome the difficulties they experienced during their stay at Fleetwood, they always had just enough savings to indulge themselves, but they never enjoyed excessive savings.

Nevertheless, Starting in 2018, Ruth started having exorbitant expenses. In November of that year, he proposed a vacation trip to Mexico. “She booked a lot of activities during those days. He spent a lot. When I questioned her, she stated that she had been given a thousand pounds by her relatives,” she commented, stating: “I wasn’t sure if I believed him.”

Antony became suspicious of Ruth when she began spending exorbitantly.
Antony became suspicious of Ruth when she began spending exorbitantly.Focus Features via London Echo

A month later, Ruth started having epileptic episodes and was forced to take a break from her job as a carer for the elderly. And during that October, Antony lived the night that would change his life forever. “Ruth was sleeping and muttering about money. When I got up, I saw the wallet on the floor with some fallen bills. I got out of bed to put them back and, in the bag, I saw the debit card that belonged to the elderly person she had been caring for., counted.

His suspicions were cleared up: “Everything fell into place and I felt absolutely disgusted. I could not believe it. When Ruth woke up, I confronted her and she admitted everything. Upon learning the terrifying truth, Antony made his position clear: “I asked him to pack his bags and leave. It broke my heart, I loved her, but I knew I had no choice but to report her.”, sentenced.

Immediately, true to his word, the man reported his life partner to the police and was arrested the next day. Years later, in the interview with the aforementioned medium, Antony reflected: “There was a repulsion in our town. My family suffered a lot because of it. I had done the right thing, and yet I was being judged alongside Ruth.”

It was only in February 2021 that Ruth appeared and appeared in Preston Crown Court. There, he admitted his crime and acknowledged taking advantage of the victim and using his money for two months. In total, he claimed to have stolen £7,220. Finally, the sentence dictated a suspended prison sentence of 16 months. In addition, among the conditions, the woman agreed to attend drug rehabilitation sessions.

Ruth was sentenced to 16 months suspended prison after admitting to stealing £7,220 and taking advantage of the lady for two months
Ruth was sentenced to 16 months suspended prison after admitting to stealing £7,220 and taking advantage of the lady for two monthsFocus Features via London Echo

According to Antony, the judge in charge of the trial congratulated him on “his laudable actions and said that it must have been a very difficult thing to do.” For his part, when addressing his wife, he stated: “The temptation here turned into greed, and you should be completely ashamed of your behavior.”

Nowadays, Ruth is serving her sentence on parole and, in January 2022, he had a new episode in justice. After failing his rehabilitation therapy sessions and his visits to the supervision of his condition, he had to appear again in court.

With one more time of sentence ahead, the relationship between Ruth and Antony has improved in recent months. And in this sense, the protagonist concluded: “My anger subsided now and I want to help her. I feel like the system has failed us so far.”

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