May 20, 2022 8:14 pm

Fear in United We Can for the health of ‘Frankenstein’: “What is broken is difficult to unite”




“It’s like a Chinese vase, isn’t it? What is broken is difficult to unite. It is the metaphor used by a source from the Confederal Parliamentary Group of United We Can in the corridors of Congress to explain the health of the investiture bloc and the quagmire in which he finds himself with the labor reform. Do United We Can fear that your star law endanger that dike of 53 deputies that Pablo Iglesias set up? It is paradoxical, but somehow it is.

«It’s complicated, we’re worried in case it breaks – this source answers the question – yes, we are». The Government needs to gather at least 22 supports to carry out the text of the labor reform of Labor, ergo, the independentists and nationalists continue to be vital if they want to keep their usual partners.

But ERC (13 seats), Bildu (5) and PNV (6) They do not accept the literal meaning of the text that the Government negotiated with employers and unions as “insufficient.” And the PSOE, majority part of the coalition Executive, refuses to introduce changes. “Not a comma”They repeat over and over again.

Between a rock and a hard place

The second vice president and Minister of Labor is between a rock and a hard place. He continues to negotiate what is one of his most important laws, but he finds immovable postures. In United We Can not rule out opening to change some point as long as “the essence of the text is not modified.” The Government will depend on Ciudadanos and PNV to approve the labor reform in Congress if the investiture block finally falls apart by voting.

The Basque nationalists have also been critical, but in United We Can they see more possibility of agreement with them than with ERC and Bildu. But what United We Can see in December as one more “staging” of its partners, is now beginning to make them nervous. They fear that if ERC and Bildu vote against, this will have a negative impact on the parliamentary bloc in the future also known as ‘Frankenstein’.

The president of the Confederal Parliamentary Group of United We Can, Jaume Asens, referred yesterday to this majority as “a very valuable political heritage that must be preserved.” Asens came out at a press conference to respond to the harsh words that the ERC spokesman in the Lower House, Gabriel Rufian, had a day before against the second vice president. But Asens made it very clear that his intention is to carry out the norm with the support of the partners and not of Cs.

«Playing variable geometry with an issue as fundamental as the labor market it’s a mistake, In addition, the intentions of Cs are not honest, they want to break the investiture block so that it stops being a legislative block, ”said the purple leader, very focused on the importance of the 53-seat dam.

Asens responds to ERC

In his first press conference of the year, Rufián raised the tone against the purples and, particularly, against Díaz, a supporter of the reform. “ERC does not negotiate or vote on personal projects, and I say this with great respect for the figure of Yolanda Díaz,” said Rufián, who also insisted that the government “intoxicates” and “lies” about the negotiation because “until two days ago » they were not called. The ERC spokesman even branded “blackmail” and “pressure” the refusal to touch the text.

Asens and Diaz they exchanged some messages after these statements, and Asens came out to refute him yesterday. “We want to remind Mr. Rufián not to be mistaken as an adversary, the adversary is not Yolanda Díaz, it is precariousness,” he defended. Regarding that Díaz uses the reform to obtain electoral revenue, Asens denied that it is a “personal project” and asked the ERC to stop the “tacticism” because it is not election time: “We must respect the essence of the agreement.”

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