May 15, 2022 1:09 am

Coronavirus in Argentina: 161 deaths and 118,171 new infections reported

One week after the record of coronavirus infections Covid-19, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that in the last 24 hours 118,171 new cases. The good news is that for the first time, in more than a month, this week there were fewer infections than the previous one. Between January 7 and 14, 797,136 new infected had been reported and in the last seven days that number dropped to 761,363. In this way, a total of 7,694,506 infected were reached.

On the other hand, 6,626,239 people overcame the disease and 949,298 are considered active cases, one of the highest figures since the start of the pandemic – the data is having repercussions on different economic items, as well as on health personnel.

Meanwhile, health centers around the The country reported 161 deaths from coronavirus on the day and the number of victims since the pandemic started is 118,969.

The provinces that reported infections were:

Among the dead admitted to the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS), one person residing in Buenos Aires did not present gender data, the rest, 80 were men who lived in:

While, the women were 80 and lived in:

What’s more, it was reported that 172,952 tests were processed yesterday. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 31,452,459 tests diagnoses for this disease. Today’s positivity was again over 70 percent.

On the other hand, Until yesterday, 2,511 people had the disease in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Therapy beds are 47.8% occupied nationally. In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) that number reaches 46.9% percent.

In turn, in the “Public Vaccination Monitor”, which the Government began to disseminate after the VIP vaccination scandal, it is indicated that, with data up to 6 in the morning, 94,913,350 doses were distributed. 84,219,672 have already been applied: 39,229,725 people received a single dose and of that total, 34,365,507 completed the vaccination process and 10,624,440 received a booster or third dose.

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