May 18, 2022 9:52 am

Collect, something remains



In Spain, if it is not fought with determination, the social democratic monopoly prevents discrepancy. Override any alternative models. The Minister of Finance has chosen a group of experts with the mandate that they write and sign an opinion in which they recommend making the Wealth Tax mandatory, and so that the center-right communities cannot get out of the social democratic canon. The one who maintains that the financial and fiscal autonomy that the PSOE encouraged so much was designed only to raise taxes and public spending, never to lower it. The experts, well chosen of course, intend to comply with the government order, more was missing. Although the result is harmful to the citizens, morally unfortunate for collecting twice for what

same and leave Spain as a confiscatory islet in the middle of the European Union, but for something we have the oddity of being the only country in the EU with a handful of communist ministers in the Government.

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