May 27, 2022 12:41 pm

Blinken summons Russia to withdraw troops in exchange for stopping NATO’s response

Correspondent in Berlin



the american secretary Antony Blink He has rejected Russia’s essential demand, uneasy that NATO could extend further into his territory after his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. “The doors of NATO will remain open”, he said while noting that “we are willing to study our common concerns to guarantee security and to listen to Moscow, but we are not willing to retract fundamental principles”.

This statement leaves little room for diplomatic process, but Blinken insists that there are possible points of agreement “for example on arms control, greater transparency of military activities and risk measurement.”

For the rest, Blinken claims to have addressed Russian concerns and Lavrov’s statement

that “Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine”, but has replied that “if they want to convince the world that they do not want to invade Ukraine, a good way would be to start withdrawing troops, take de-escalation steps”.

The head of US diplomacy rejects Lavrov’s “phantom threats” thesis and states that “we are not moved by feelings but by data and history: Russia continues to deploy troops, right now Putin has the ability to attack Ukraine from various cardinal points. We have seen plans to destabilize Ukraine and its government. Russia already invaded Ukraine in 2014 and forced a border change, took over the power of Crimea. All of that is data. Now Moscow can choose between two paths, that of dialogue or that of conflict, and we are prepared for both.”

It has also claimed the importance of its allies’ criteria and has made it clear that the US will not negotiate on its own. “I made this very clear to Lavrov today: ‘nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine, nothing about NATO without NATO, and nothing about Europe without Europe.'”

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