May 15, 2022 9:03 pm

Belarra asks the Catalan Generalitat to stop the sacrifice of the 32 puppies used for experiments



The Ministry of Social Rights has requested by letter to the Government of Catalonia not to sacrifice 32 dogs of the ‘beagle’ breed within the framework of a research project by the Vivotecnia laboratory.

From the General Directorate of Animal Rights they have shown their “deep concern” about the situation of these animals, used for a study on an antiviral drug promoted from the Barcelona Science Park, of the University of Barcelona, ​​with Vivotecnia.

For this reason, as explained by this department, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Parc Cientific have been asked to study the option of “avoiding the slaughter of these animals” and informs them that it makes the services of the Veterinary Inspection department available to them of the General Directorate to “supervise the welfare of animals during the experimentation process”.

unnecessary and cruel

The minister herself, Ione Belarra, has alluded to this issue on Twitter by pointing out that this “sacrifice is unnecessary and cruel” and, therefore, they ask that the lives of these animals be “protected”.

For that purpose, they put at the disposal of the Generalitat to “give an answer to this case that has moved” society, within the work of his portfolio to “guarantee the rights of animals.”

In this sense, the General Directorate for Animal Rights also offers to “facilitate, manage and supervise” the transfer of the animals to animal protection entities, in the event that they are not finally slaughtered, as well as undertaking all the necessary actions to guarantee their welfare, once the procedure has concluded.

In the letter sent, Social Rights recalls that “It is necessary to do everything possible to preserve the lives of all animals that, unfortunately, have to be used in experimental projects.

The possible sacrifice of these animals has aroused various protests among animal groups, who demand that these dogs remain alive and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, who has already formally requested to prevent the death of this group of puppies.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Climate Action, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat, Teresa Jordà, He replied to the councilor that the pharmacological study with these will not be carried out in Catalonia.

In turn, the rectorate of the University of Barcelona defended that the research -which corresponds to an entity housed in the Science Park- “seeks to develop care for fibrotic diseases and involves the histopathological study of the organs of 32 Beagle puppies” and The experimental phase has not yet started, and it is planned to start in mid-March.

In April of last year Social Rights also ruled on the momentary suspension of investigative activity of the Vivotecnia laboratory in Madrid, after an inspection by the regional government that found alleged signs of animal abuse. This measure was later lifted.

Given this, the minister herself, Ione Belarra, sent a letter to the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to request the transfer of the animals in those facilities to “safe” protection centers.

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