May 18, 2022 8:08 pm

Albares, on the tension between Russia and Ukraine: “We are united in dialogue but also in dissuasion”




«We live very tense moments in Europe around Ukraine. It is the time for diplomacy and dialogue; It is time for de-escalation and de-escalation”, declared this morning the Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, during the informative breakfast of the Europa Press agency.

The meeting with Minister Albares was marked by the escalation of tension with Russia, which threatens to invade Ukraine. A crisis stemming from Ukraine’s intention to join NATO and that has led Spain to advance the shipment of the Meteor ship and the Blas de Lezo frigate, which will form part of a permanent group of the Atlantic Alliance. Spain has also offered to send fighter-bombers.

In this sense, Albares stressed that “all Europeans are united in dialogue. Also in deterrence, of course, but this is the time for dialogue and diplomacy, and that is what we are transferring to Russia. Even so, in this “high tension” scenario, Albares said he was convinced that “unity will prevail, in dialogue and in dissuasion if necessary.”

“This is not the time to go back, to when conflicts were resolved through armed force,” said Albares. He added that Europe is experiencing “very tense moments where we all hold our breath, but it is also the time for diplomacy and dialogue.” And he warned: «But we must be very clear, dialogue is not negotiation. We cannot accept things that are unacceptable.” He also forcefully stated that “nobody can mark” international organizations “who can be their member and who cannot” and that Spain is in line with its European partners, both the EU and NATO.

Late yesterday afternoon, Podemos published a very convincing sound statement about sending troops from the Navy to the Black Sea and Spain’s involvement in the crisis, which was a new clash in the coalition of the Sanchez government. Asked about this discrepancy, Albares argued that “Spain’s foreign action is marked by the Prime Minister and the Government expresses itself every Tuesday through the Council of Ministers.” He stated that “there is no discrepancy in this regard” and that he feels “very comfortable under the government’s guidelines.”

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