May 27, 2022 12:24 pm

A retired policeman was murdered during the robbery of his truck in La Matanza

A retired officer of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) was shot to death by one of the three criminals who stole his truck and his weapon when he arrived at the door of his home, located in the Buenos Aires town of Gonzalez Catan, informed judicial and police sources today.

The event occurred last night in Del Tejar at 3500, in that town of the party of The slaughter, when Felix Emanuel Costa, 64, a retired PFA member of the Fire Department, was intercepted by three men when he arrived in his vehicle at home with his wife. There, the criminals tried to rob Costa of his white Ford Ranger truck, for which the former police officer tried to resist the assault with a 9-millimeter weapon. The assailants, seeing that Costa was trying to take his pistol, shot him with a .380-caliber weapon, sources said.

Faced with this situation, neighbors put the injured man in a Fiat Mobi, a private vehicle that served to transfer him urgently to the Simply Evita Hospital, where he died as a result of his injuries.

Judicial spokesmen told Télam that the shot Costa received entered through the thorax and exited through the shoulder blade, although the results of the autopsy remain to be confirmed. Meanwhile, witnesses to the event assured that the criminals fled down Vírgenes Street, in the direction of the Villa Unión neighborhood, in the La Matanza district. Finally, officers from police station 1a. de González Catán found the stolen truck abandoned in Villa Dorrego, and until this afternoon they continued to search intensely for the three assailants.

On the other hand, the wife of the victim, father of two children, recounted the event to the media at the door of her home and said that before the assault they had gone “to buy some medicine” for her husband. ”When we arrive, Felix parks and opens the front door of the house. Three armed people appear there and check everything on him. Then he started to fight and opened the truck because I had blocked it. He opened it again to try to get his gun out. When they see that he tries to take out the weapon, one says ‘kill him’, and there they shot him, ”said the woman in dialogue with Crónica TV.

The victim’s wife, 63, said she wants the attackers to be found and “to stay in jail for life.”

”A person who kills has to be in jail. The 2nd Catan Sheriff promised me he’s going to do everything he can to find them. I’m very sad. We had both stopped working to do many things that we couldn’t do before. We wanted to travel. We had tickets, projects, everything, ”said the widow of the former police officer, broken into tears.

Finally, Antonella said: “We both retired to live a decent life and I no longer have my partner, he was excellent as a couple and as a neighbor.”

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