May 14, 2022 8:39 pm

A man dies choking on his false teeth after suffering a violent robbery



One 71 year old man He has died in the middle of the street after suffocating from his own false teeth. It took place in Medellín (Colombia) after a robbery with violence.

As reported
The Herald
, the victim was surprised by an aggressor who hit him in the face to steal your mobile phone. It was the fright that caused the man to end up choking on his false teeth and remain unable to breathe for several minutes.

Despite the rapid medical attention and his transfer to the medical center, they could do nothing to save his life.

Police sources reported that They have already arrested the alleged culprit of the robbery with violence and responsible for the tragic outcome for the victim. He will go to court and is being investigated for the crime of aggravated robbery.

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