May 22, 2022 6:48 pm

They promote a bill to return Football for All to Public TV

Through the national senator for Neuquén oscar parrilli, the block of the Front of All He presented a bill in the Upper House to return the Soccer for All program. The initiative presented by one of the leaders closest to Cristina Kirchner pretend that are transmitted by Public TV “at least a third of the matches in the First Division”.

The project declares that it should be of general interest “access to audiovisual content obtained on the occasion of the development of First Division football matches carried out within the framework of tournaments organized by the Argentine Football Association, guaranteeing throughout the national territory the right to free and minimum free access to them, as cultural assets.

The initiative reaches the Senate in the same week that the Secretary of Commerce ordered the Disney and Fox companies to hand over a certain part of the rights to broadcast football matches of the championship related to the AFA, product of an international setback that paralyzed the merger between Espn and Fox (both owned by The Walt Disney Company).

In line with what is established by the secretariat, where work is being done so that at least one Boca Juniors or River Plate game every weekend is broadcast on Public TV, the project aims to restore one of the emblems for the transmission of political propaganda of Kirchnerism.

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