May 14, 2022 4:26 pm

They criminally denounced Volnovich and Rodríguez for their trip to the Caribbean

The director and deputy director of PAMI, Luana Volnovich and Martín Rodríguez, respectively, were criminally charged by the legislator of Together for Change and former head of that body, Grace Ocana, after the trip of both to a Mexican island, which aroused a strong controversy.

The Ocana’s complaint It is for the possible crimes of breach of the duties of a public official, abuse of authority and embezzlement of public funds, among others. The presentation fell to the federal court in charge of Luis Rodríguez.

The complaint comes at a time when the Government seeks to end the scandal, but admits that there must be a definition at the top of the body, since their holders cannot be a couple.

Volnovich and Rodríguez, director and deputy director of the organization, were photographed in a bar on the island of Holbox, in Mexico. The case aroused strong controversy considering that they not only disobeyed the presidential recommendation that officials vacation the country, but also left the agency headless. In his complaint, Ocaña maintained that “the “romantic getaway” to the Mexican Caribbean of the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director of the social work for retirees, generated a situation of acephaly thatthat would have had repercussions and affected the government of the organization, and in this way the benefits that PAMI provides to its members would have been affected.”

After what he considered to be “a scandalous event that would have serious consequences in real life since the acephalia of a social work such as PAMI, which provides health services to millions of retirees, has serious repercussions on the way and the time and manner in which the beneficiaries receive the benefits, which, by the way, in some cases They are matters of life and death.”

Referring to the photo known last week, Ocaña maintained that “the situation that I have described would not deserve any particular observation, as long as it was two simple citizens enjoying their vacations, but this circumstance does not correspond to the case in particular since they are two public officials, appointed by presidential decree”.

The legislator also added that, “definitely, These are people who have the character of a public official and based on this circumstance, the behaviors displayed by them could constitute crimes against the public administration.”. And he assured that Volnovich “acted at least with a lack of diligence and a lack of responsibility, for simultaneously traveling abroad with the second in charge of said institution.”

Jorge Martin Rodriguez Alberti and Luana Volnovich

In one of the central sections of the judicial presentation it is stated that “the behavior displayed by the officials expressly violates the provision contained in article 3 of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency 02/2004 that establishes the modality of government of the INSSJP-PAMI”. That Decree provides that PAMI “is directed by an Executive Body of Government made up of an Executive Director and an Executive Deputy Director, both appointed by the NATIONAL EXECUTIVE POWER.” After what contemplates that “the Executive Director referred to in the previous article will have the powers of government and administration established in Law No. 19,032 and its amendments for the National Executive Board and will be assisted by the Deputy Executive Director, who will exercise the functions entrusted to him by the Executive Director and will replace him in case of absence or impediment.

Ocaña adds that both officials “they could not ignore this situation, and yet, acting with total disregard for the rules that regulate the exercise of his position and for the welfare of the members, They chose to make this trip together to enjoy the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean without caring about the consequences”.

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