May 21, 2022 11:06 pm

The UME says goodbye to La Palma

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The Steering Committee of the Volcanic Emergencies Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) has informed of the demobilization of the Emergency Military Unit (UME) in La Palma, which activated 26 minutes after start of the rash and leads four months on the island.

The UME has carried out tasks as diverse as accompaniment in the evacuations of the houses, monitoring of the progress of the laundry, coordination of the flights of drones or measurements of gases, cleaning of roofs and entrances, relocation of neighbors and belongings, among other functions.

On September 21 just 48 hours later before the land was opened in Cumbre Vieja and the uME had deployed a total of 184 soldiers and 57 vehicles on the island without a withdrawal date, extending their stay for four months where they have been active on several of the emergency fronts.

The UME monitoring lava flows in La Palma – UME

This January 18, the demobilization of the body led by Lieutenant Colonel José Alberto Gallego has proceeded, who thanked the emergency management for having them four months ago today. He has highlighted the good treatment of all people involved in the emergency and has declared himself “surprised” with the organization and the relationship between the agencies.

“We have learned a lot from each other.” As the lieutenant colonel the UME has assured «always there to serve you«, in a unit that exists »because they call us«, and that works »all year round for it«.

For his part, the director responsible for the operation and director of Pevolca, Julio Pérez, also expressed his gratitude to this body for “its availability, versatility, learning capacity, adaptation to collective work and proximity and empathy with citizens”.

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