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The London neighborhood that promised to be a dream and ended in ruin

Some homes have boarded up windows. Others were directly set on fire and their roofs have been destroyed. The grass in the front yards is tall and there is rubbish everywhere. These are the ghostly postcards of an abandoned neighborhood in Liverpool, England, called Primrose Court, that a TikTok user uploaded to social media, in a video that quickly went viral.

What is shown in the video posted on TikTok by user joshhawley6 is the reality that can be observed in the aforementioned neighborhood of the municipality of Huyton, in the urban area of ​​the English city of Liverpool. The images travel through the urbanization through the streets of the Google Earth, and the abandonment observed in many of their houses is surprising.

Primrose Court, the images of the abandoned neighborhood that went viral on networks

The recording reached in just two days the enormous figure seven million views. At the beginning of the video, a voice is heard in off what does it say: “Look at the state of f… this street is in de Liverpool”. Next, the music of the terrifying movie The puppet (Dead Silence, its original title) begins to play in the post while the camera focuses on the houses in the neighborhood.

The houses are very similar to each other -with two floors, the first floor with exposed brick, the second white, and a gabled roof with red tiles-, but many of them find their windows boarded up, (something that has happened since September 2019) or even burned.

People come to Primrose Court to throw rubbish, and gangs of thugs attack abandoned housesLiverpool Echo

In addition to the abandonment of a good part of the houses, or because of it, the urbanization was plagued by vandal attacks and a wave of crime.

Residents who still live in the area of Primrose Court assured in statements to the local newspaper Echo that they fear for their safety, since gang attacks are frequent in the area, burning down abandoned houses and even setting fire to garbage in the streets.

The problems with crime, plus the garbage dumps that were formed in different parts of the urbanization caused many people to continue moving to another place. “I feel very insecure. All the time, moreover, people bring garbage here and set it on fire. I can’t describe it, this looks like Beirut,” a resident told the aforementioned outlet, who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals.

Primrose Court, the chilling ghost neighborhood harassed by gangs and vandals

“I just want a safe life, I’m not looking for trouble. Every day I go to work, pay my bills and taxes. I remember a guy moved in and left after a couple of months because he wasn’t safe here. They are nice houses, but for some reason these people don’t want to see this area get better.”added the man.

Graffiti painted on the veneers protecting the windows of derelict homes in Primrose Court
Graffiti painted on the veneers protecting the windows of derelict homes in Primrose CourtLiverpool Echo

Apparently the problems in Primrose Court they began when the two private companies that were building the neighborhood went bankrupt at the same time, before completing the urbanization of the area. As a consequence of this, Basic things of any town could not be carried out, such as public lighting and sidewalk curbs.

One of the former residents of the neighborhood, who also did not want to identify herself, told Echo who lived in one of the houses of Primrose Court for seven years, until he couldn’t take it anymore. “It was all very nice when I moved in. They were lovely houses. But everything started to go wrong around June 2018. One family left first, and then they all started to leave. And it all went downhill.”

When so many neighbors left, the children of the families that remained had fun throwing stones at the windows of the abandoned housesassured this woman. So that the neighborhood began to lose the original beauty of its physiognomy.

Windows were smashed by stones and some houses were set on fire in Primrose Court, a neighborhood with many security problems.
Windows were smashed by stones and some houses were set on fire in Primrose Court, a neighborhood with many security problems.Liverpool E

Colin Bell, owner of a real estate agency that manages 10 of the houses of Primrose Court, said that in October 2018, Knowsley Council promised that street lighting would be installed and street work would be completed, on the condition that this is paid by the owners.

“It’s a crazy situation. more than two years ago we agreed that the council would do the work and we would pay them back. For any of the houses that we didn’t pay for, the council would repossess the houses and they would take care of them. We were told the job would be done in nine months. (this was before covid). But that didn’t happen,” Bell said.

But nevertheless, Knowsley Council said that the properties in Primrose Court are all privately owned and that the Council never agreed to take them back. “The council did not build the properties on Primrose Court and never has. Therefore, it is not the case that we can ‘recover’ them and we have never agreed to do so,” said a spokesperson for the municipality.

The small Primrose Court housing estate has mountains of rubbish everywhere
The small Primrose Court housing estate has mountains of rubbish everywhereMirror

Regarding the issue of gangs of vandals causing damage and insecurity in the area, the Merseyside District Police said that several search warrants have been carried out at addresses in Primrose Court in recent months. In the operations, different types of drugs, cash and stolen objects have been seized and arrests have been made.

merseyside police and our local partners are dedicated to addressing serious violence in and around Huyton, as we continue to proactively do everything in our power to protect our community and ensure they feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods,” Sgt. Naomi Turner, of the team of Knowsley Community Watch.

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