May 14, 2022 8:02 pm

The Government reaffirms its intention to continue discriminating against journalists




The Secretary of State for Communication, Francesc Vallés, denies that excluding ABC and other media with an editorial line critical of the Government from the informative ‘briefing’ organized in Moncloa last Tuesday on European funds is a “veto”. It also claims that the Government can convene or exclude the media from this type of event because the invitation criteria for them “are those established by the convener at any given time.

“This government does not veto anyone and the best proof is that you are here,” he said this Thursday in the new ‘briefing’ called today after the outbreak of the controversy last Tuesday. Vallés did not want to indicate who was responsible for the selection of media outlets carried out two days ago or whether it will be repeated with the same system – less critical editorial line media first and the rest later – in future information calls that he will organize Moncloa.

Vallés has also alluded to “capacity” issues since there is a differentiation between “press conference and informative ‘briefing'”. “All the information that is being given is public and accessible, so what is being done is to contextualize and what has been done are different sessions with different media,” he stressed.

«In the informative ‘briefings’ you can call some, others, more or less in one, two, three or four sessions», has insisted. “This Government in an effort for absolute transparency has summoned absolutely everyone,” he added, ignoring that two days have passed between the call of some media and others and that the Executive authorized the dissemination of the content of the first ‘briefing’ without any type of embargo.

In this way, the bulk of the content of this Thursday’s ‘briefing’ had already been published by the invited media on Tuesday. The usual thing in these cases is that the information is seized until all the media are in possession of it.

In addition, from ABC, other media such as COPE, Onda Cero, Voz Populi or El Debate have expressed to Vallés their discomfort at the exclusion last Tuesday.

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