May 17, 2022 8:22 am

The first 350 lots of the largest private neighborhood in Pinamar went on sale

In 200 hectares are the first 350 lots that went on pre-sale in the Bosques neighborhood, the largest real estate development in Pinamar, even more than La Herradura (thought by the same developer, Pinamar SA, of the Shaw family, district founders).

It is located in the heart of Pinamar Norte and has its first access through the last ring, Olympus. It will then have two other tickets. The development, which will offer private security, amenities and services, will expand in the future. Could have 1,000 lots.

“We are betting that it will be the best private neighborhood on the coast,” they explain from the developer. One of the keys, although it seems trivial, are the trees on the land: they are 50 years old. They will make use and emphasis on boulevards and ecological trails.

There will also be a sector called Club Town, with space for coworking, a restaurant, a beach bar and a sports area. The first plots are sold with a 15% discount: they are, on average, 1,000 square meters and they sell for $78,000. It is cheaper if you pay in cash.

La Herradura, to have a parameter, today costs around US$170,000. The difference, of course, is that it is already developed. But in this case it is a bet on the future. Those who buy the land today will have it in two years to start building.

Start of development of the Bosques neighborhood in Pinamar Norte.Tomas Cuesta – THE NATION

The idea, they say in Pinamar SA, is to create a community, in which they “want to live”. With the forest and the sea as a hook, the developers also understand that the pandemic changed habits and that many people, to make a change in their lifestyle, came to live on the coast of Buenos Aires. And in particular to Pinamar. They are based on some official data. The Municipality registered an increase in the stable population of the town of 17.5 percent and a 20% increase in school enrollment between 2020 and 2021.

Bosques was also designed for those who want a weekend or summer home and want to forget about maintenance. “There will be a consortium that will deal with the problems,” they told the real estate agency. It will also be easier to sublet.

This is what the architecture of Bosques will look like
This is what the architecture of Bosques will look likeRenders de Pinamar SA

The architecture is the responsibility of Bodas Miani Anger, and the “master broker” is Castex, the same as other large undertakings in Greater Buenos Aires.

The Pinamar Norte area is growing by leaps and bounds and registering large-scale real estate developments. In the Municipality they believe that it will be revalued notably and will give another appearance to the town.

Forests will encourage the development of local fauna and flora. It has its own nursery. The possibility that the houses have at least 25 meters of frontage will be prioritized, in order to be able to develop well. “There will be a commission that will be dedicated to construction criteria, of minimum and maximum sizes,” they specified to LA NACION.

This is how Bosques is planned, the largest real estate development in Pinamar
This is how Bosques is planned, the largest real estate development in PinamarRenders de Pinamar SA

There will also be space for multi-family buildings and developments. Supported by the home office boom, perhaps Bosques will boost the growth of the local population. “Pinamar changed a lot in a year. There are bars that were perhaps closed in winter and are now open all week”, they exemplify in the developer.

The landscapers work on the most botanical issues of the choice of species, exterior architecture, identifying walls, entrances and, above all, learning from all the neighborhoods that have been successful.

Richi Edelstein Pernice, partner of the real estate company Castex, in charge of marketing, said: “Bosques is the first mega-venture in Pinamar by conception, by number of lots, by amenities, services and, above all, by the resources aligned for its development and by the eye put into the details of its design.”

And he added: “Current prices are super attractive and just by comparing prices in the area you understand the opportunity, not only of a very good potential business, but also the opportunity to be part of a unique project on the Argentine coast. Clients highlight the location of the development, the forest, the security, the amenities and the 25-meter fronts of the lots.”

And of course, places will be built for children’s recreation because, ultimately, Bosques is designed for families.

This is what Bosques will look like, the largest real estate development in Pinamar Norte
This is what Bosques will look like, the largest real estate development in Pinamar NorteRenders de Pinamar SA

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