May 14, 2022 2:25 pm

The critically reviled movie that beat Don’t Look Up in the ranking of the most watched on Netflix

Netflix is still the service streaming most used by lovers of movies and series in Argentina, with 4.5 million active users who go through their catalog every day. Thanks to this, titles are renewed week after week and this is reflected in the ranking of the 10 most viewed fictions. One of the latest releases, it became a hit to the point that it dethroned the great bet of the platform: “Don’t look up”, and is already generating discussion among specialists.

During the last days, it was positioned among the first positions Impúdica, a suspense thriller that caught the attention of the vast majority of users. The film is based on the novel Brazen Virtue, written by Nora Roberts in 1988. The adaptation stars Alyssa Milano in the role of Grace Miller, a mystery writer who is going through a difficult time in her life with the death of his sister. Despite not having a good relationship with her, Grace discovers that her familiar led a double life, so he will put all his criminal knowledge into action to try to clarify the case.

At the end of December, Netflix got what he was looking for with the premiere of don’t look up, which was positioned as the great success of the platform with a cast full of stars: Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep Y Jonah Hill, among other Hollywood figures. The film, which is about two astronomers who detect a comet that puts life on Earth at risk and must alert the world, occupied first place in the Top 10 of Argentina for several days. But this last week, she was surprised that she was surpassed by Impúdica, beyond that Alyssa Milano’s fiction was defenestrated by critics.

As happens on many occasions, the critics do not accompany the numbers. the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes assigned a 15% acceptance and the consensus of the critics points out that the film is “a disappointment in every way”, while others concluded that “it’s not sexy or scary” as it promises to be. “Alyssa Milano dares you not to laugh in this chabacano thriller about serial killers,” he said. Variety. For its part, in the New York Times expressed that “it is a version of a murder mystery that reminiscent of a tabletop movie romance”.

To continue the negative reviews, in The Review Geek define the film asa mundane, predictable and highly unmemorable thrillerand alert the user to “avoid it at all costs”. NME’s Paul Bradshaw also denounced her, stating that she is “a dull mystery that fails to hold interest” and where “if you can read a street sign, you will surely know who the murderer is long before it is revealed”. Although some were encouraged to see the good side, among the few compliments that have been read, appears that of Heaven of Horror: “A surprisingly entertaining experience worth your time.”

Alyssa Milano stars Impúdica, the suspense thriller that was positioned among the most watched by users on NetflixPrensa Netflix

Many say that it is a perfect example of the so-called “guilty places”, productions of which not much is expected at the direction and script level, but they fulfill the objective of not making you think for an hour and a half and for that reason many people end up consuming them.

The criticism lies not only with the weak performances, but also with the change of era that does not have a positive effect by not getting rid of the clichés very typical of police drama books written in the 80s and 90s. Impúdica is written by Suzette Couture, Donald Martin, Edithe Swensen and its cast completes it Malachi Weir, Alison Araya, Colleen Wheeler, David Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and Barry Levy.

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