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The bad moment of Araceli González: a man wanted to enter his house and Fabián Mazzei had to stop him

Araceli González got a big scare twice this Tuesday while she was at home, located in a well-known private neighborhood in the North Zone of the province of Buenos Aires. And, despite the fact that he would have preferred to keep the event private, he decided to tell what happened on his Instagram account to bring peace of mind to the other owners of the place.

“Unfortunately, something that happened in my house in the morning and at night came to light; and what was said in a local newspaper is not real: it was not a robbery and they did not run over the security of where I live”, began by explaining the actress of Nano in a series of stories that he dedicated to the fact.

We had an episode at my home, through a mix-up. From the guard they called my cell phone and [Fabián] Mazzei to let us know that someone with the same name as the person we were waiting for, who is the one who does irrigation maintenance where I live, wanted to enter. Because of that mistake, that person entered and we had a bad time”, he indicated.

That person was not only not who they expected but he was a stranger. “He just wanted to see me. Obviously, Mazzei spoke colloquially with him; He explained that I was not there and he couldn’t see me.” continued his story. “Immediately, we spoke to Highland Park security and they acted quickly. I tell this to reassure the community that lives here, because through the news we can disturb a society”, he claimed.

And to make it clear that this first “intrusion” did not go too far, he reinforced: “Automatically, while Fabi approached that person we didn’t know and entered by mistake, I called security and they calmly escorted him to the door, to the taxi in which he had come.”

However, hours later the same man tried again to enter the home of the couple of actors. “Later, he returned at 10 p.m. and the police acted there, as appropriate. But there was no violence, just a moment of tension, an upset, a scare, but luckily everything was handled well “, he indicated.

As reported by the site pillar dailyPolice sources indicated that the intruder was a 50-year-old man, identified by the name of Marcelo, a native of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. The man would have arrived on both occasions aboard a taxi.

Regarding the second attempt, the portal reported that, when alerted, “personnel from the Pilar 7th police station were present at the scene. that they detained the subject to transfer him to the police station” and that “by order of the intervening prosecutor, Gonzalo Agüero, in charge of UFI No. 4 in Pilar, it was ordered that psychiatric examinations be carried out on him.”

A neighborhood with history

Since the 1990s, the 650-acre private neighborhood has been a favorite of the rich and famous. In 1997, THE NATION published the article “The place where politics rests, but does not rest”, dedicated to that country, inhabited by about seven hundred families. “The legend of Highland, one of the first country houses built in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, tells that Carlos Corach resorted to helicopters to get home on time. Of course, it brought him his problems, ”says the author of the note. In addition to Corach, other Menem officials, businessmen and renowned economists lived at that time.

Over the years, in addition to González and Mazzei, other celebrities decided to move to that private neighborhood, including Ezequiel “Pocho” Lavezzi -who was the victim of the theft of money, appliances and valuables-; actress Laura Novoa; the actor and television producer Pablo Codevilla and the musician Alejandro Lerner, among others. Also the writer Claudia Piñeiro, who says the legend was inspired by the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants to write her successful novel, which took place in the 90s, Thursday’s widows.

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