May 22, 2022 7:42 am

The Anmat prohibited the sale of a counterfeit tea and mayonnaise from a well-known brand

Following a complaint, the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) became aware of a possible counterfeit product and was able to determine that a mayonnaise was being made illegally.

For this reason, the Anmat prohibited the elaboration, fractionation and commercialization in all the national territory of the labeled article: “Mayonnaise reduced in lipid value gluten free without tac, brand: NATURA, fantasy name: mayonnaise with lemon juice, RNE: 19000208-9, RNPA: 19010390, VEN: 03/28/22 05 L: 07/01/21 2138 1V4,”; given that as detailed in provision 492/2022, published in the Official bulletin, “It lacks registration and is falsely labeled by using records of an establishment and product belonging to the firm NIZA SA.”

Through a comparison between the genuine and the counterfeit product, it was observed that the main distinguishing element detectable with the naked eye is that the front of the genuine product features an image of a breast with slices of lemon and tomato at the base of a plate, while in the counterfeit product, the central image is half a tomato, radishes, egg, shrimp.

Main discrepancy (Anmat).

“Because it is a product that cannot be reliably and clearly identified as produced, processed and/or fractionated in a specific establishment, it cannot be produced in any part of the country, nor marketed or sold in the territory of the Republic” , explained the administration in the recitals of the document, and then underlined that it made the determination to ban it “in order to protect health of the citizen”.

In another provision, the body also prohibited the elaboration, fractionation and commercialization throughout the national territory and in electronic sales platforms of the product: “Matcha Tea”, ReviveTé Matcha brand, Distributed by ReviveTé Matcha, RNE: 02-034361, SENASA: 115095, for lacking health records and consigning a RNE belonging to another company. Indeed, Anmat determined that “it turns out to be a product falsely labeled and therefore illegal.”

Finally, a complaint of adverse effects from the College of Pharmacists of the Province of Buenos Aires against some ampoules of the product DISTILLED WATER HLB (water for injections) Lot 30250 Due: 05/2023, from the HLB PHARMA GROUP SA laboratory indicated that particulate matter was observed within the drug, so it did not comply with the Argentine Pharmacopoeia. Likewise, they pointed out that within the same batch there were differences in presentation, coloration of the labels and tonality of the contents.

For these reasons, in provision 476/2022, it was specified that the Anmat Technical Information Management Directorate recommended prohibit the use, marketing and distribution throughout the national territory, of the batch in question. Meanwhile, the agency acted accordingly and demanded that it be immediately withdrawn from the market.

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