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Tax benefits and economic incentives, keys to encourage sustainable housing




Tax benefits and economic incentives are the most effective policies for Spaniards when it comes to encouraging the demand for energy-efficient housing, according to the last aFotocasa Research analysis on the importance of energy-efficient homes and the opinion that citizens have of these homes, prepared by Fotocasa. So, andl 75.9% of those surveyed defend that the deduction of personal income tax in the income statement would be an effective measure for the purchase of sustainable housing, while 75.8% are in favor of reducing VAT and the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) and the 74.4% consider that subsidies should be offered for the purchase or rental of this type of housing.

These data show that fiscal and economic policies for those who buy energy-efficient housing would have greater relevance in society than awareness campaigns about the benefits of environmental sustainability. For this reason, compared to the high percentages in favor of reducing taxes or offering subsidies, only 49.7% of Spaniards consider it important to report on the positive impact that these homes offer for the environment.

The most adult segments, especially those over 45 years of age, perceive to a greater extent that these policies would encourage the purchase of high-energy housing. For example, while 61% of Spaniards between the ages of 18 and 24 are in favor of deducting personal income tax on their income tax returns to invest in more sustainable homes, this figure rises to 81.4% in the case of the group of 55 to 75 years. In the case of subsidies, 61% of young people between 18 and 24 years old defend this measure compared to 81.4% of adults between 55 and 75 years old.

«Increasingly, Spaniards are more aware of energy efficiency and consumption in homes and little by little it is being seen how it is possible to reduce the supply bill thanks to alternative energies such as solar energy. And with the idea of ​​helping users who are increasingly looking to reduce their electricity bill, Fotocasa has launched, together with EDP, a complete website to be able to calculate energy savings on bills thanks to the hours of sunlight that the home receives“, Explain María Matos, Director of Studies and Spokesperson for Fotocasa.

In the words of Director of Business Development and Customer Experience at EDP Solar, Óscar Cubillo, “This important alliance with Fotocasa allows us to continue bringing solar energy, the present and future of the energy sector, to private customers and businesses throughout Spain. Thanks to this agreement, Fotocasa clearly contributes to further boosting our growth around solar energy, allowing us to bring together all the people who are buying a home or want to rent a property and want to make it more attractive in the eyes of a potential tenant, innovative self-consumption solutions that respond to the growing interest of citizens in energy efficiency at home, saving on electricity bills and at the same time promoting the sustainability of the environment in which we live”.

Most valued features

among the Spanish, The most outstanding feature of highly energy-efficient homes is their ability to maintain temperature, with a percentage of 78% in favor. Likewise, 70.6% defend that this type of housing increases comfort.

In addition, citizens increasingly value having an energy efficient home to save on their energy consumption. In this sense, 6 out of 10 Spaniards consider that energy efficient homes reduce the gas bill and 7 out of 10 think that this type of home reduces the price of the electricity bill.

The older population perceives the advantages of efficient housing to a greater extent. Thus, while 69.2% of the group between 18 and 24 years old think that this type of housing helps to conserve temperature, in the case of Spaniards between 55 and 75 years old the percentage reaches 83.5%. The older groups are also more aware that efficient housing is more expensive: 48.8% of young people between 18 and 24 years of age are in favor of this statement, while in the case of the group of 55 to 75 years of age the figure reaches 60.9%.

By autonomous communities, it can be seen that Madrid and the Basque Country are where there is more awareness regarding the savings provided by these homes. In this way, 74.8% of Madrid residents and 71.4% of Basques consider that efficient homes reduce the electricity bill. In addition, 69.8% of Madrid residents and 70.9% of Basques also think that this type of house lowers the price of the gas bill. For their part, the Catalans perceive to a greater extent (71.9%) that efficient housing increases comfort.

Efficient reforms

Many Spaniards are also considering making reforms to achieve more efficient homes and insulation is one of the main priorities. Thus, 59.6% of Spaniards are in favor of improving window insulation and 50.2% of improving wall insulation.

Other factors that are valued by the citizens are the reforms in the bathrooms (46.8%) and in the kitchen (46.2%). Regarding household appliances, 42.6% would change the boiler for the fact of having a more efficient one, and 36.9% would change the air conditioning for one that was much more efficient.

By age, a greater predisposition to improve insulation is perceived by the older groups, while the younger ones value improvements in the kitchen, bathroom and boiler to a greater extent. By communities, the need for Catalans (47.5%) and people from Madrid (48.8%) to change their boilers for more efficient ones stands out.

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