May 18, 2022 8:12 pm

Polán asks not to consume the water due to a chlorination problem, although neighbors point to the purines




Given the neighborhood alarm created in Polán by the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of not consuming water, the city council of this Toledo town has had to get out of the way. Thus, this Thursday a municipal edict has been issued in which it informs the neighbors that, having carried out an analysis of drinking water, they refrain from supplying it for human consumption and other domestic uses, such as washing or cooking food.

From the City Hall of Polan They clarify that this fact is produced “by the decompensation in the values ​​during the process of chlorination of the water detected in a routine analysis”. Municipal officials report that they are working to return the values ​​to their normal state in order to re-declare the water suitable for human consumption.

However, some neighbors also point to the cause of this problem, in the midst of controversy over the macro-farms, to “the slurry from livestock from farms near the town that infiltrate the surface water table of the earth and affect the quality of the water ». As reported to ABC, “the water has been tasting terrible for a long time” and many of them no longer even consumed it for this reason.

In fact, at the beginning of 2018 the company Clean Sustainable (CS) Energy Spain SL reopened a cogeneration and slurry treatment plant in the municipality of Polán, which has a production of 16.5 MWh and annually manages nearly 90,000 tons of livestock waste.

The Polán City Council ensures that it watches over the health of its neighbors and, for this reason, it has communicated the problem at the time that Health has notified the result of the analysis. Even so, they remember that the water, although it is not recommended for human consumption, is suitable for other domestic uses, such as washing, scrubbing or cleaning. At the moment, they cannot make a forecast of the duration of this situation, since it depends on the result of the analytics after the work carried out. “We hope it will be in the next few days,” they conclude.

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